He Nailed The Awkward Thing On 'SNL'

For me, nothing is better than a Saturday Night Live episode that uses both the host and the musical guest to their fullest potential. This Saturday's SNL did just that when Maroon 5's Adam Levine joined host Sarah Silverman in two sketches throughout the night. The first was a small role as Freddy Mercury in the "Heaven" sketch, the second was as himself, in the most awkward proposal fail ever.

Despite Maroon 5's most recent music video being incredible disturbing, there's no doubt Adam Levine has a great voice. On Saturday's episode, Maroon 5 performed two of their hits, "Animals" and "Maps," and I while I was impressed with the sound of the performances, I couldn't help but be extremely distracted by Levine's bizarre frontman dance skills.

At first my eyes were on his legs, which kept contorting into strange shapes, like that scene in Black Swan when Natalie Portman's legs break in half. By the end of the song, I had accepted Levine's legs had a mind of their own, so I moved on to being distracted by his jumping and jittery behavior, the same way I acted when I saw Aaron Carter perform when I was younger — OK, last year. Don't get me wrong, the two performances by the band were amazing, but Levine looked like he was 10 people deep in a line for the bathroom, and he only had the self-control for about four people.

But despite how awkward I might have felt Levine looked during the performances, it was no comparison to the most uncomfortable skit of the night, which Levine was featured in. The skit itself was hilarious; it featured Silverman playing Rachel — a woman who was picked up by her brother at the airport after a vacation in Amsterdam — confessing she cheated on her boyfriend, Jeff, who happened to be hiding in the back seat of the car waiting to propose. That's when their car gets stuck in traffic, and they get stuck in a gridlock. The awkwardness just kept coming when Rachel's parents also revealed themselves to be hiding in the back of the car, and then Adam Levine pops out to sing "She Will Be Loved." It basically played on the terrifying idea of being stuck in a situation with people that you can't get out of.

In the midst of all the awkwardness, Adam Levine asks if they can stop at Pizza Hut, singing "There will be pizza crust" — obviously — and then gets hit by a car. The whole thing is awkward, and if you fear uncomfortable situations, you might get why Levine chose to walk to Pizza Hut.