She Really Wants Her Own Makeup Line — Um, Yes?!

Olivia Munn's kind of a love-her or hate-her kind of gal, isn't she? I fall more into the love-her camp — I'm a huge fan of The Newsroom, after all, and Sloan Sabbith is one of the funniest characters on the show (I don't know about you, but I'm super excited to see the show take on her new relationship with reformed douche-with-a-heart-of-gold, Don Keefer). Also? Her fashion game is pretty darn strong, especially where jewel tones are concerned.

Ostensibly to promote her gig with Proactiv (which makes a token appearance), along with The Newsroom's third and final season (no! We need more Newsroom!), Munn took to In Style's Twitter account this afternoon for a quick Twinterview. The fan-submitted questions ran the gamut from the secret behind her shiny, shiny hair to her favorite memories from this year's Comic Con — and she answered them all with aplomb.

What followed was pretty darn awesome because, a) She's got fashion and beauty tips galore, b) The lady is funny (there's a reason why Sloan is a fan favorite — insert "but-she's-also-hot" joke here), and c) She really knows her away around effective emoji use. With that in mind, here are some of her best responses, curated for your convenience:

On where she gets her style inspiration:

On what she'd do if she weren't an actress:

She should do it anyway! Iman has her line for women of color; Pat McGrath has CoverGirl Queen — make it happen, Munn!

On her desert-island must-have beauty items:

On her shampoo of the moment:

I love nothing more than when celebs talk of their favorite drugstore cheapies.

On her best Newsroom filming memories:

Oh, to be BFF colleagues with Emily Mortimer...

On her favorite video games:

On what makes her feel most beautiful:

On her guilty pleasure TV shows:

I'm glad she'll freely own up to her guilty pleasures (in the name of full disclosure, mine are DWTS and ANTM).

On her fave superheroes:

Fun, right? Oh, and did I mention, she ended the conversation with a veritable emoji explosion?

Images: Getty Images; Twitter