She's Glad that Martha Stewart Dissed Her

Here's the thing. If Gwyneth Paltrow and Martha Stewart put on their boxing gloves and stepped into the lifestyle advice ring, no one would come out a winner. The on-going feud between them seems to ignore the fact that most of us either don't want to, or can't afford to, follow their advice anyway. However, Stewart dissed Paltrow during a Net-A-Porter interview in September and all has apparently been too quiet on the western front for us to relax and hope they were finally going to end their feud there. However, Paltrow revealed she's flattered by Stewart's diss because, after all, there's nothing wrong with a little healthy competition.

"No one has ever said anything bad about me before, so I'm shocked and devastated. I'll try to recover," said Paltrow in a little joke at Fortune's Most Powerful Women Summit. She then went on to say, "If I'm really honest, I'm so psyched that she sees us as competition. I really am." To be fair, it's starting to seem like Stewart sees everyone as competition. After all, the diss that she made against Paltrow was the exact same diss Stewart made against Blake Lively when she launched her own lifestyle website, Preserve. Stewart just plain doesn't like it when actresses try to make the jump into lifestyle guru, I guess.

However, I have to say that Paltrow's response is on the healthier side of ways to react the sheer level of shade that Stewart throws her way. Finding the attention that she's given more flattering than she does insulting might seem passive-aggressive or even mocking, but put yourself in Paltrow's shoes. When the biggest name in the lifestyle game keeps calling out your own pioneering efforts, repeatedly and without much justification, why not take it as a compliment? Everyone knows the number one cause of shade-throwing is jealousy. All right, so I made that up, but it still seems to apply here.

I'm not encouraging the never-ending feud between Paltrow and Stewart. Honestly, I'd like to see them finally bury the hatchet and return to their individual ways of telling me what to do, what to eat, and whether or not my water has feelings. Celebrity feuds — especially between two female celebrities — are so yesterday and so disappointing besides. However, if Paltrow had to return the shots that Stewart fired with this commentary of her own, I'm glad it was at least a positive statement made with a positive attitude. It takes less energy to take a verbal swing at someone, but it takes a lot of effort to be a bigger person and work a compliment in there.