Someone Give This Kid a Travel Show

Guys, I have an idea. And I know you're going to hear it and think that it's horrible, but you just need to give me a chance to explain and it will all make sense. Here goes: Justin Bieber needs a travel show. Whew! There. It's off my chest. So how did I come to this conclusion? Well, Justin Bieber is on a world tour of sorts with his father, Jeremy Bieber, and quite frankly, I want to be part of this journey and Instagram and Twitter updates aren't enough for my reality TV-infested mind.

According to the Daily Mail, Bieber and Bieber were in Rome on Wednesday and took in the sights in matching ridiculous outfits. Justin wore his signature drop-crotch pants with a hat that was perched very, very high up on his head as though it was a disguise to make him look taller, and Jeremy wore leather pants, clearly taking fashion tips (and possibly actual clothing) from his son.

On Tuesday, Justin and Jeremy were spotted in Florence, and that same day Justin Instagrammed a photo of the pair exiting a private jet with the caption, "Me and pops on a world adventure." My weary fingers have documented many a poor decision from Justin Bieber, but I've gotta give it to him, going on a random world tour with his questionable dad, is a decision I approve of if only for my own entertainment value. This whole thing is just my type of ridiculousness.

Justin also posted a video of himself in Italy with the gem of a caption: "Italy was pretty awesome, could find me in your city next - #imatourist #nowork #sightseeing #fettucciniAlfredo #imthatguywithafannypack #ifuseemeletmeenjoymyvisit #illbebackfortouripromise." Bieber has totally taken to being a tourist and spending his massive wealth on traveling the world, even using the I'm-better-than-you-peasants hashtag "#nowork." In the video Justin talks about fettuccine alfredo in an annoying voice and I consider it his audition tape for the Travel Channel.

Maybe I'm just trying to prematurely force Justin Bieber into reality TV (yet again) — We all know it's going to happen someday. Can't you just see a 30-year-old Justin on Couples Therapy? — but I think a Bieber travel show would be thoroughly entertaining. I know personally I'd enjoy it much more than his music. His cockiness means he would have no qualms about being the "ugly American" tourist. He has a crap-ton of money, so he'd be able to go anywhere, eat anything, and do any kind of activities. His dad would make the perfect sidekick. He would have encounters with people who were either all, "Whoa! It's Justin Bieber" or "Ew! It's Justin Bieber" and he'd be all about both responses (see: epic cockiness.) As you can see in the video below, he's totally obnoxious in way that would make the show perfect for hate-watching. AND! His entourage, including bodyguards, would come along in the role of the "everyman." It's perfect. Perfect, I tell you!

Check out Justin's audition tape for yourself below. You won't regret it. (OK, fine, you might regret it.)