Who's the Woman Going Pumpkin Pickin' with Harry?

Hey Directioners, can you do me a favor? Breathe. Just breathe. You're going to get through this just fine. Non-Directioners, are you confused? Are you wondering why that group of teenaged girls collapsed to the ground in an outraged heap of hysteria in front of you on the way to work this morning? Let me fill you in. Harry Styles, 20-year-old braided man bun extraordinaire, was recently spotted picking pumpkins at the Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch in Beverly Hills yesterday, and he wasn't alone. Instead, Harry Styles was photographed picking pumpkins with Erin Foster — aka A GIRL — and they were kinda wearing matching outfits and now EVERYONE'S LIVES ARE OVER.

"Who is this girl?" you might be thinking to yourself. "Is she safe from rabid 1D fans? Will she last the night?!" While those are definitely valid questions, don't call 911 just yet. The lady in question happens to be 32-year-old comedy writer and actress Erin Foster, and as of right now she seems to be just a friend of Styles', and therefore her life isn't in immediate peril. Phew.

Erin hasn't been in the public eye much, but hangin' with Harry (<--possible reality TV show name for him?) definitely puts the sitcom writer on the map, and here's a little bit more of what we know.

1. She's the daughter of musician & record producer David Foster

Called "the most successful music producer in the world," her dad has worked with big time names like Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, and more. Maybe her dad is helping out One Direction and that's how she and Styles became friends?

2. She just so happens to be HILARIOUS

Since she's written funny stuff for popular TV shows like The New Normal, as well as acts, she was bound to be funny, but seriously, check out her Twitter feed ASAP for a laugh.

3. She has a few famous siblings

Stepsiblings, that is. Her dad was married to Brody Jenner's mom Linda Thompson for 14 years until they got divorced in 2005, and now he's married to Yolanda Foster, who you might know from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which makes Erin the older stepsister to model Gigi Hadid! Talk about having a superstar family.

4. Her dating history is pretty inneresting

She dated Lindsay Lohan's ex Samantha Ronson for a time, but after their break up in 2012 it seems like she's gone back to dating guys, according to her latest Tweets.

5. She's all about dat yoga life

There are quite a few pictures on her Instagram of her werking it in the yoga studio, which is another reason she and Styles could be good friends. After a back injury a few years ago, he also got into it!

It's no secret that Harry likes dating older women and Foster seems like a pretty cool match for him, but they're probably just good friends. Relax, 1D fandom! Bullet avoided.

Image: Tumblr