Take Selfies If You Want But Don't Be This Girl

Taking selfies is apparently just a normal part of being a 21st century human, and I'm pretty much past criticizing anyone for it at this point. Because honestly, it’s totally okay to celebrate yourself and your bod. If you got it, go ahead and flaunt it, or whatever. And by "it", I mean "any kind of face, body, or moment you want to remember". But that's not to say you don't still want to consider your self-respect before doing so. I'm not talking about revealing "too much" skin, or crossing any other arbitrarily slut-shaming social standards. I mean "please take care to not look like an ass while take your selfie." Example: This girl.

In this Super Embarrassing Video of the Day, girl in bikini is caught red handed taking some selfies. It’s sunny, and she’s got her bikini on, and I totally understand the urge to snap some beach shots for #beachday. But things get weird when she starts to contort her body, awkwardly angling her phone at her face and her boobs. She even bends backwards, Matrix-style, to get the perfect ass shot, which is kind of extreme, IMHO. The last few seconds of the clip show Selfie Girl walking over to her friends who, for some reason, weren’t all, “Hey lady friend, let me take those shots of you so you don’t have to look like a total loser in front of a bunch of people.” Isn’t that what friends are for? I guess when you want to get something done right, you have to do it yourself.

Obviously, this isn’t the only extreme selfie performance art we’ve experienced in our lives. We’ve all seen brunch shots being carefully curated; coffee mugs, flowers, and eggs Benedict must ALL be in their right place for optimal aesthetics, and this takes some rearranging at the table. There is no rage like the rage one feels when a brunch companion tells you not to touch your toast points because they're trying to take a picture. Or when you’re in the car and want to take the perfect #roadtrip selfie, but don’t want you seat-belt or glare of the sun to totally steal the show. Maneuvering is a must, and any selfie professional knows this. BUT YOU GUYS – be stealthy. Because you have no idea how insane you look to onlookers in restaurants and cars. We can be into ourselves, but keep this egomania on the DL, you know? Of course you do.

Image: Getty Images