Jax Knows He Messed Up

Last month, I vowed to cut back on my Vanderpump Rules Twitter and Instagram deep-dive habit. And what do you know? I've stuck to it. [Pats willpower on the back.] Gone are the days of poring over the VR cast's social media accounts on the regular. Truth be told, it really is for the best. I sort of started to feel like I was, as Jersey Shore's DJ Pauly D. would say, stalking the Vanderpumpers' lives on the boardwalk. However, just because I don't click-n-scroll through the cast's Insta pics on a daily basis does not mean I've stopped keeping tabs on the show entirely: Once a week, I ask Google if there are any VR updates I should be made aware of. (I mean, it's my favorite reality show. Just because I'm not all up in the SURvers' Twitter accounts doesn't mean I don't care. I CARE.) And sometimes, I happen upon some beautiful Vander-treasures. One such glimmering diamond popped up in my search results Sunday night: There is a very special Sydney Morning Herald interview with Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor.

Of course I clicked. And I did not look back.

Here are a few noteworthy details from the interview:

Jax says he does not have a girlfriend “today”

Wait. What about that trip to Florida with Carmen Dickman? What about Alan the dog? Are Carmen and Jax just friends who decided to adopt a dog together? And what does he mean by "today"? Is his relationship status a fluid, ever-changing entity? Or is he just trying to keep numbskulls like me on our toes?

Must… resist… Instagram… deep-dive.

Jax & Tom Sandoval Are A-OK Now

Jax told the SMH he and party partner Tom Sandoval have moved on from the Season 2 drama that drove a dagger through the heart of their friendship.

There is no need to hold grudges, life is too short. We've been friends a long time. It didn't make sense to throw away that friendship.


Stassi Will Be On Season 3


[Stassi Schroeder] is around and despite what people say, everyone is back.

OK, sure. Jax has been known to tell a fib or seven, but I want so badly to believe every word of the above quote.

You better be telling the truth, Jax. Don't let me down.

Jax Regrets Cheating On Stassi

Dude still feels bad about wronging goddess among mortals Stassi Schroeder:

Obviously I regret cheating on Stassi, it was not the right thing to do.

Duh doye.

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