Rihanna made a big statement Sunday night— and not necessarily the fashion kind. The singer was photographed out to dinner in Santa Monica with her brother toting not one, but two gun-inspired handbags. Clearly, she wanted her outfit to make a bang.

Though she looked sporty chic in a crop top, slitted red skirt, and some white New Balance sneakers, her purses eclipsed the otherwise buzzworthy look. The first clutch was a Saint Laurent with a handgun print, and the second (because as we all know, clutches hold nothing) was a black shoulder bag in the shape of a gun. Which she held with the barrel pointed outwards. Not great hand placement, RiRi.

Though I love to see celebrities go against the grain and make controversial statements in the name of fashion, I think this one might be going a bit far. Violence isn't something to glamorize, and as we've seen recently with Urban Outfitters' bloody Kent State sweatshirt, the fashion world is not forgiving when it comes to making light of the all-too-dark subject of gun violence.

The 26-year-old is known for being controversial, and is no stranger to violence herself, so I doubt the meaning of the bags went below surface-level, but I have a feeling it will stir up some negative responses regardless of her intent. Let's hope she's just trying to win over casting directors for a James Bond role. That seems a bit more forgivable.

Images: Getty Images (1); naijabuzzhub/Twitter