If you follow celebrity news at all, you likely already know that actress Zoe Saldana is pregnant, reportedly with twins. But now there's some new information about Saldana's babies. According to E! News, Zoe Saldana is expecting twin boys with her husband Marco Perego. A source who spoke with the website said, "It's twin boys and Zoe is thrilled! Zoe always wanted a boy." Well, now it looks like she's gonna have two!

Saldana has been fairly quiet about her pregnancy all along and even slammed the media for revealing the news for her when it first broke. But since then, the Rosemary's Baby actress has started speaking out more. She spoke openly about being pregnant in her Ice Bucket Challenge video, and mentioned (although vaguely) that she was having twins during a red carpet interview. Saldana responded to a question about dressing up for Halloween by saying, "I might. I might need three costumes. I might have to make some adjustments, but it would be nice." Three costumes! One Gamora and two Baby Groots. Or one blue creature from Avatar and two smaller blue creatures from Avatar.

As for when Saldana's boys are due, it sounds like the actress and artist are expecting their twins this winter, but who knows for sure. Unless Saldana references the date in another home video or says something about needing two extra baby-safe stockings come Christmas time, we'll just have to wait and see.