Her Definition of Feminism Is Literally Perfect

Even though Twitter trolls tell her she's only famous because of who she's married to, Chrissy Teigen is worthy of all the attention she gets on her own accord. The fact that she's John Legend's wife is an afterthought compared to all of her other awesome titles. She's a model, cook, soon-to-be author, and the funniest person on Twitter (or at least I'd say so). Just in case you needed another reason to be president of her fan club, add this to the list: Chrissy Teigen is a feminist. She told the Huffington Post how she defines the word, and it's pretty much the best explanation ever:

People have sorely messed up the definition of feminism. It isn’t saying this is wrong and this is right. It’s having the power to do whatever the f--k you want. It’s about having your own beliefs and staying true to them.

YES! This definition couldn't be more perfect. Allow me to break down why it's so great. First, she talks about how people "sorely messed up the definition." This is absolutely true. Just a few examples? That Women Against Feminism movement and these random guys on Tinder. Or, ya know, certain female celebrities who are quick to claim they're not feminists because they "love men." Apparently people still believe stereotypes that feminists burn their bras and hate the entire male population. (Eye roll, eye roll, eye roll.)

Here's the thing: All feminists don't have to agree on every single issue. Teigen is pointing out that feminism is about empowerment and being able to be yourself. Those are the true forces behind the word. Sometimes people may say someone is a "bad feminist," as if there's rules about who can/can't use the label. Feminism isn't a spectrum. Anyone who believes in equality fits the definition. Simple as that. Teigen's statement definitely echoes this idea.

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Oh, and more good news? John Legend identifies as a feminist as well. Teigen told the publication, "He’s a bigger feminist than I am! He actually teaches me a lot about the way women should be perceived." When they first started dating, Teigen was intimidated by how brilliant and ambitious the other women he surrounded himself with were. She would cry, but Legend made her feel better. She said, "He would always explain to me that there are so many different ways to be a strong woman." So true!

Sorry everybody else, but Chrissy and John officially have my vote for Couple of the Year! (Just don't tell Beyoncé and Jay Z...)

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