Lindsay Lohan Might Host 'SNL' Season Premiere & Yes, That's a Good Thing

Riding high off her Oprah interview, things are still looking up for everyone's second favorite troubled 27-year-old behind Amanda Bynes. Word on the street is that Lindsay Lohan might host the season premiere of SNL . According to RadarOnline, Saturday Night Live approached Lindsay about headlining the season opener and she's considering doing it, AS WELL SHE SHOULD. If she agrees to the gig, it'll be her sixth time hosting the show — the last time she stood on the stage in Studio 8H was in March, 2012.

SNL has tried to get us excited about this, its 39th season, by injecting five new cast members after news that Jason Sudeikis, Bill Hader, Fred Armisen, and Seth Meyers would be leaving the show, and while yeah, we're pretty pumped that hilarious guy Beck Bennett from the AT&T commercials (the ones where he sits on a rug with kids and asks them stuff like, "is faster better?" etc.), it'll take something pretty huge to get us to the point where we'd say we're looking forward to the show, but a Lindsay Lohan premiere would do just the trick.

We've been cheering on her slow but steady comeback, and after the great job she did hosting Chelsea Lately , it's time she got some more gigs along those lines. She's just so fantastic at being Lindsay Lohan, you know? That's her sweet spot. Self-deprecating and self-aware, Lindsay excels at making people laugh with her, not at her. When she tries to, anyway.

Plus, she needs a re-do from last time. She was panned in March, 2012 for her, uh, "erratic" performance but you know as well as we do that she can do better. So let's make this happen, SNL. Let's do this. Let's give Lindsay the job. Let's have Kenan Thompson pretend to be Oprah and let's have Linds and him reenact the sit-down. And if we could get Kate McKinnon play Dina Lohan, even better.

The show pretty much writes itself, but if you need more convincing, here are some of Lindsay's best SNL clips over the years.

The Debbie Downer sketch from 2004 needs no introduction:

Real Housewives of Disney was an instant classic:

Lindsay as sexy Hermione was pitch perfect, too:

That time she starred on Weekend Update:

And please, the Coin Slot sketch? Stop:

The time for Lindsay on SNL is now, slash Sept. 28, when the show returns.