Thea Is in Corto Maltese on 'Arrow' & Malcolm Merlyn Has Definitely Taught Her a Few Things

Amid everything that went down during the Arrow Season 3 premiere, there was one major key player missing — where oh where was Thea Queen during all of this? Ever since she decided to run off with her father, Malcolm Merlyn, during the second season finale, fans have hawed and hemmed over what this could mean for the youngest Queen's future. And now, thanks to Wednesday night's episode "Sara," we finally know where she's been and what she's been up to. Taking a page out of Oliver's book, Thea has been living on her very own island — Corto Maltese, to be more specific, which many comics fans will recognize as being a fictional place in the DC universe located off the coast of South America. And while the island itself is a serious upgrade from the dangerous and Lost-like place Oliver had to survive through (poor Ollie never even got a mattress, let alone a luxurious mansion), the general concept remains the same. Thea has been training, and given how easily she took down those highly trained professionals just now, I'd say it's more than paying off.

The only question that remains now is, what exactly does she intend to do with these newfound skills? She certainly seems to have developed a strong bond with Malcolm, even calling him dad in the last five seconds of the show. Does this mean he's been corrupting her for these entire five months or will they eventually team up with Oliver & Co. to take down Season 3's big bad Ra's al Ghul? Right now, anything is possible, but fans will get a much better idea of where Thea's head is at during next week's very Thea-centric episode, which has aptly been titled "Corto Maltese."

Brace yourself, Oliver. Because just from the initial look of things, the innocent, naive sister you once knew seems to be long gone. And to be honest, I kind of love it.

Images: Cate Cameron/The CW; russianhookers-and-cheapgin/Tumblr