Meghan Trainor & 7 Other Reasons to Love Nantucket

You might be all about that pumpkin spice this time of year, but it's more likely you're all about that bass. Meghan Trainor turned the music industry on its head when her single "All About That Bass" completely exploded all over the Internet and airwaves. Her love-yourselves-in-all-shapes-and-sizes-inside-and-out message has struck a chord with fans and is helping change the conversation surrounding women, music, and the media. Though her debut album's release date has yet to be revealed, she seems far from becoming a "one hit wonder."

The Nantucket native grew up surrounded by the sea and stunning landscapes, so it's no wonder her music is so vibrant and full of energy. Her small island upbringing influenced her artistic side, as she started writing songs at the age of 11 and was in a band with her family. They performed in local holes-in-the-wall like The Muse and The Chicken Box.

But Meghan Trainor isn't the only reason we should be thankful for Nantucket. Let's take a look at some of the best reasons to visit, tip our hats, and recognize this little New England island. Enjoy!

Nantucket Nectars

More importantly, the life-altering Nantucket Nectars caps, which are filled with delightful tongue-in-cheek facts.

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Lighthouses in Nantucket are so boss that some of them are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Suck on that, Gatsby and your green light!

Early Progressive Movements in American History

Lucretia Mott, a Quaker, suffragette, and abolitionist who was born and raised in Nantucket, became a leading figure in anti-slavery and early women’s rights movements in the mid-1800s. She was the first elected President of the American Equal Rights Association and worked alongside Elizabeth Cady Stanton to hold the first public meeting about women’s rights in America at the Seneca Falls Convention. She also co-founded Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania which still remains a top liberal arts university.

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Ugh, all of these sandy, secluded beaches, water sports, boats, and delicious seafood sound TERRIBLE. Don’t even get me STARTED on the whale-watching. No. Wait. That sounds like a dream escape.

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Nantucket Reds

Look at these majestic, patriotic trousers! They just make you want to get on a sailboat and say, “Hey life, let’s just float together.” This Nantucket-made fashion trend made their way across the Atlantic to the UK and became a subject of online fascination and celebration.

Image: Tuckernuck

A Killer Film Festival

Oh, just the Williams clan hangin’ on the Island for a film fest. You know, just your typical summer night in Nantucket. Each summer for the past 20 years the best in independent filmmaking makes its ways to this tiny Massachusetts island. A highlight of this past year’s festival included an All-Star Comedy Roundtable hosted by Ben Stiller which included Bill Eichner, John C. Daly, and Jenny Slate.

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A Literary Giant

You can thank Nantucket for a bulk of your high school and college English syllabuses. Herman Melville wrote about Nantucket, the Essex, Captain Ahab, Starbuck and a whale named Moby Dick in his masterpiece novel. Though he hadn’t actually stepped foot on the island until a year after writing Moby Dick, Nantucket was a major influence in Melville’s writing for years to come.

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