More Details About Kesha & Dr. Luke

Ever since news broke on Tuesday that Kesha is filing a lawsuit against her producer Dr. Luke, there have been plenty of comments from both sides. Kesha claims Dr. Luke, real name Lukasz Gottwald, was sexually and emotionally abusive for years, while Luke's people say that it's extortion and that Kesha is making up lies so she can escape her contract. Then there's the year-old email allegedly from Kesha's mom, where she threatens to go public with the story if he doesn't release her daughter from said contract. While all of this complicates the situation, there is even more evidence backing up Kesha's side. According to TMZ, Kesha told her rehab doctors all about Dr. Luke's abuse, and the doctors' notes will become evidence in the case.

Sources say that Kesha would just sporadically mention the abuse, and the doctors warned her to distance herself from him. They believed it was a type of Stockholm Syndrome that prevented her from leaving. If true, this explanation could make sense. People are so quick to ask, "But why didn't she leave?" when no one actually knows what's going on in an abuse victim's mind. As proved by the many responses to Twitter's #WhyIStayed hashtag, it's an undeniably complicated matter.

Timing-wise, this story seems to add up. It would make sense that if Kesha mentioned Dr. Luke's abuse to her doctors while in rehab in January, she would decide to take matters into her own hands now that she's feeling healthier. Basically, it could've been support from her rehab doctors that gave her the push she needed to finally pursue the lawsuit against Luke.

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Despite these reports, Dr. Luke's reps told TMZ that this news is completely untrue and "preposterous," saying, "Just because someone says something to a doctor doesn't mean they weren't fabricated or part of an overall pre-planned campaign."

Ugh, really? Sure, anything is possible, but I can't imagine someone would lie to a doctor in rehab solely to destroy someone else's career a year later. That seems way too sinister. Adding to that comment, Dr. Luke's rep said,

Her statements are false. It is important to note that these are just the latest in a series of bizarre public statements and actions by Kesha and her mother over the years, including Kesha's claim her vagina is "haunted," her drinking her own urine on her reality show, and her mother dressing up as a penis on the television show.

While everyone is innocent until proven guilty, personally, I'm not completely buying this explanation. Yes, Kesha may have previously been queen of bizarre publicity stunts (and drinking her own urine fits that description), but this situation is way more serious. If anything, maybe because she was going through distress and abuse, she wasn't thinking clearly in the past and that led to those aforementioned publicity stunts. I just can't imagine that these allegations are some sort of stunt, since it's usually so difficult for victims to come forward in the first place.

Either way, no one knows the truth besides the people directly involved, but I do know that the more I keep reading about this case, the more sick to my stomach I feel. Let's just hope it gets settled quickly and justice is served. Regardless whether or not the allegations are true, that contract between Kesha and Dr. Luke needs to end ASAP.

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