9 Times Chris Hemsworth & Tom Hiddleston Were Adorable, Offscreen Bros

Who doesn't love a good Hollywood bromance, especially when it involves two actors that you're impossibly in love with, even though you've never met them? (But I feel like I have, I swear.) Thor and Avengers stars Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth are the most adorable celebrity bromance right now. And it's probably because they love each other almost as much as we love them — seriously. Hemsworth loves Hiddleston so much (can you blame him, Hiddleston is incredibly lovable) and vice versa that the pair, who play adopted brothers Thor and Loki onscreen, wish they were brothers in real life.

Yes, they've actually said in public that they wish they were related. And it really wouldn't be hard for them to convince us if they decided to one day tell the world that they actually were. Because, again, they love each other (like, they really, really love each other) and they do all of the fun things that brothers do — like switch places to confuse people on set and play video games together. See, I told you they convince us easily.

And if you still aren't convinced — here are 9 times Hemsworth and Hiddleston were the most adorable wannabe siblings to warm your heart.

In This Photo

Elisabetta Villa/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Just adorable.

When They Reacted Adorably To This Kid's Question

Us too, Tom, us too.

When They Planned A Fun Thing Together

"Just like that time we switched places to see if mom would notice." "OMG LOL we are the best brothers ever."

That Time They Wore Matching Pants

It's a family thing, OK?

When They Say "I Love You"

True brotherly love.

When They Really Wanted To Be Brothers IRL

And Chris defended Tom against his own self-depreciation because that's what brothers do.

When They Supported Each Other Wholeheartedly

Because, again, that's what brothers are for.

When They Teased Each Other Like Real Brothers

Could they act more like siblings? Honestly.

When Chris Taught Tom To Play Video Games

I can't imagine anything more brotherly.

And Again, When They Just Loved Each Other

It just warms my heart.

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