5 Candy Crush Costume Ideas Too Sweet To Pass Up

If you're still trying to figure out what to be this Halloween but don't have time to come up with something too complicated, I have three words for you: Candy Crush costume. It's 2014, and no other game is quite as popular. It's the thing that keeps you up at night, and the reason your cell phone battery dies so fast. If you're like most Candy Crush players, you probably play the game so much you feel like you're in the game. So why not dress up like your favorite Candy Crush characters for Halloween? There's no need to settle for cliche costumes like the Super Mario Brothers or Ninja Turtles when you can choose from way better options like Tiffi, Mr. Toffee, and Odus the Owl. Plus, given our penchant for sweet treats on Halloween, doesn't it just kind of seem like a natural fit?

Playing Candy Crush is hard enough, so this year's Halloween costume should be easy. Bring your favorite game to life with these five DIY Candy Crush costumes. Get a group of friends to dress up like each character, and you'll crush the competition for "Best Costume" while stocking up on more candy.

If you were smart enough to listen to your friends who told you not to play this addicting game, then maybe you could dress up like your favorite emoji instead.

1. Tiffi

Tiffi is Candy Crush's main character played by the game's user. She is introduced in the first Candy Town. She is joyful when players pass a level, and gets happier with every star gained, but if a player fails a level, Tiffi cries.

To pull off this Tiffi-inspired look, just go pink. Throw on any pink collared dress (like this one from Debenhams, $24), and add pink leggings and pink flats.

To finish things off, put your hair in low pigtails, and wear a red bow on top, which you can easily find on Etsy ($4.99).

If your dress doesn't have white buttons, you can always pin some on and carry a large piece of candy for extra impact. If you're more of the go-big-or-go-home type of person, check out this complete Tiffi costume created from scratch.

2. Mr. Toffee

Mr. Toffee helps out every step of the way, and serves as the narrator of the game. He walks the player through the tutorial in the beginning of the game, and introduces each level.

Mr. Toffee keeps it classy, so if you don't already have blue pants from H&M ($20) and a red coat, it might be a good pop of color to add to your wardrobe. Of course, a white button up and blue tie (like this one from Farfetch) are business essentials, so no excuse there.

Now that we've got the basics down (so you won't be confused with the Nutcracker), add in key accessories like the little red top hat, an eyeglass, and red hair. Oh, and don't forget the mustache.

3. Mr. Yeti

Mr. Yeti runs the Yeti Shop, where you can purchase gifts and charms. Tiffi also encounters Mr. Yeti at the top of the Chocolate Mountains, where he has trouble waking up.

To create this look, pull out all the white faux fur winter wear you've got, and you have a costume. Don't own any white fur coats? Not to worry, the thrift store has plenty. Or, you can get this one at Chicwish.

4. Odus the owl

Odus is the mascot of Dreamworld. He carries Tiffi off to Dreamworld when she's tired from helping out all the other mascots. Odus also balances on the Moon Scale. Players have to balance the scale throughout the Dreamworld levels.

Creating an owl costume is surprisingly easier than you may have thought. All you need is an old oversized T-shirt, and three sheets of fabric (use varying shades of purple in this case). Cut out large feather shapes from the fabric, and sew them to the bottom of the shirt. Continue this pattern until you reach the neckline, and you have your owl dress.

You can use this same technique to make the wings, or simply buy purple wings at a costume store. To create Odus' eyebrows, twist together white and purple pipe cleaners, and use a hot glue gun to attach them to an old headband. Lastly, create an owl mask out of construction paper, and glue it to the rim of sunglasses.

5. Easter Bunny

Tiffi encounters the Easter Bunny on Level 66 when she reaches Easter Bunny Hills. Easter Bunny gets stuck in chocolate, and needs Tiffi's help getting out. He also introduces the other Candy Order Levels.

If your childhood was anything like Ralphie's from A Christmas Story, then you may even already own bunny suit pajamas. If you had a less embarrassing childhood, thank your parents and then make an Easter Bunny costume that won't terrify the neighborhood kids. If you want to go the easy route, you can always buy this bunny outfit at BuyCostumes ($48). To create the look yourself, throw on tan leggings and a tan dress (or oversized t-shirt), and sew on a white felt patch in the middle. Then, glue a large fluffy cotton ball on the back for a tail.

Bunny ears can be found at just about any costume store, or you can get these from Asos ($45). Wear tan Ugg boots or furry slippers to complete the look. Then use face paint to draw on a bunny face, and you've got the perfect Easter Bunny costume.

Images: Candy Crush Saga Wiki (5); Debenhams; Etsy; H&M; Farfetch; ChicWish;; ASOS; regan76/Flickr; PartyCity