These 'The Hunger Games' Manicures Are Sick

by Miki Hayes

Honestly, I'm kind of over the whole teenage, dystopian universe thing that's been happening with every book series, and therefore every movie series lately. I mean, I know I'd love them all if I took the time to read/watch them, but the jaded hipster in me is all like, Ugh, it's been done. Let's move on. But you know what I can't move on from? The freakin' Hunger Games. Seriously. Although, admittedly, the first movie left me a little disappointed (compared to the books), I watched the second one, like, 20 times. And, yeah, I'm pretty hyped for Mockingjay: Part 1 . With less than a month before its release (November 21, y'all), it's time to start planning how to rep my excitement. As a self-proclaimed beauty addict, the answer seemed pretty obvious: nail art.

I took to Instagram for my inspiration, and found some pretty amazing The Hunger Games nail art. There's everything from simple flames to intricate faces, and I'm so ready to get my "Girl on Fire" on. Some of these manicures are replicable, but most have me questioning how the artists could ever take nail-polish remover to their works of art. Yes, they're that good.

Whether you're a manicure maven, or new to the game, here are some of the best The Hunger Games nail art to get you inspired and pumped for Mockingjay Part 1.

1. Make Yourself "The Girl On Fire"

Gotta admit, those flames are pretty badass.

2. Mix and Match

Use each nail to rep the film in a different way.

3. Show Off Your Favorite Character

How cute is little Finnick??

4. Don't Hide Your True Feelings

Love the nontraditional, brighter color scheme of this one.

5. Do Your Favorite Character Proud

This Effie-inspired manicure is perfect.

6. Spread Out Your Art...

If your free-hand is on point, go big with your nail art.

7. ...Or Simply Accent It

Even without the detail on the accent nail, the black and gold theme is spot-on.

8. What? How?

Major props to whomever can do nail art at this level. That's just impressive.