How Does Kris Feel About Bruce's Romance?

Tell us how you really feel, Kris, we're all in this together. Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably know that Bruce and Kris Jenner are getting a divorce. But they've been so amicable about it, that's just seemed like another day at the Keeping Up With The Kardashians office. However, things have taken an interesting turn — according to People, Bruce Jenner is allegedly dating Kris' BFF Rhonda Kamihira and that's just uncool. So, naturally, during her Monday morning appearance on The Today Show, Kris Jenner was asked to comment on Bruce's romance and of course she said the standard, "I just want him to be happy." But does she really?

I never really feel like Kris Jenner is holding back, the woman has a reality show for crying out loud. But divorces and separations are a sensitive subject, even for a notorious momager. And, while I'd like to believe that Jenner is still being genuine about discussing her divorce, I really don't think Kris' body language matched her sunny outlook on Bruce moving on. Unless, of course, that chef she was in bed with in the Kourtney and Khloe Take The Hamptons promo was the real deal (I'm thinking no).

After Hoda Kotb asked Kris to confirm or deny that Bruce is turning into a woman, she introduced the tough question which, conveniently, was answered in a voiceover while KUWTK footage was played. Seriously, we didn't even get to see Kris' facial expression when the question was asked. That's a little suspicious, no? But from what we could see of Kris' mannerisms and facial expressions, she might actually be a little more hurt by Bruce's new romance than she's letting on:

This Shrug

While Kris said, "But it's his life," and repeated that she wants Bruce to be happy, she snuck in this little shrug. I'm sorry, but a shrug is not a convincing sign that you're unaffected by this news, Kris.

This Pointed Look

"He's still the father of TWO of my children," Kris said while making this pointed look at the camera. But is he still her friend? Apparently yes, but just because he's the father of Kendall and Kylie, NOT because she wants to be.

The Pursed Lips

This face just says, "I'm trying really hard to convince myself that what I'm saying is true." I don't care who you are OR if you're Selena Gomez's new manager — your ex-husband allegedly dating your friend sucks. I've never been there, but I feel for you, Kris.

Watch the full interview here:

Images: NBC (3)