Her Advice To Women: Don't Vote, Focus On Tinder

You remember that time that Fox News got everything right about women in America? Yeah, me neither. And just to reinforce that impression, we have this new segment from Fox's The Five in which Kimberly Guilfoyle says young women should stick to Tinder and, rather than dealing with important grown-up stuff like voting. And I suppose I kind of feel for her, because I sort of get the sense she was trying to compete in the misogynistic one-upmanship with the men at the table, but seriously? Seriously?

It's no secret that Fox News isn't the best when it comes to talking about women. I mean, this is the network that spawned that whole thing about "Beyoncé voters" over the summer. This is the network that called a female pilot fighting ISIS "boobs on the ground" (we were actually on Guilfoyle's side on that one). They've had guests who don't think women should have careers, and others who dole out the most sexist career advice possible. They've pondered over how women interested in clothes and sex tips could possibly care about politics. They even have a pundit who thinks women should be "re-educated" about our babies.

So really, our hopes are never high for a lot of these people. They're all so locked into the stereotype-filled echo chamber they call a newsroom that their odds of ever seeing women as fully formed, multifaceted human beings is slim to none.

But seriously, guys, this is disgraceful. Yeah... I know you're upset that we young women apparently don't like you guys, what with the voting Democrat and all, but maybe, just maybe, the solution isn't to insult us? I don't know, I'm just throwing out ideas here.

Check out the clip below: