Isn't Paris the Perfect Place to Raise Blue Ivy?

Oh, Blue Ivy Carter! She was the star of the VMAs (Sorry, Beyoncé! But did you see your daughter's "Single Ladies" dance moves?) and she's already a mini fashionista. She seems to be living the good life, but things could be getting even better. Reportedly, Beyoncé and Jay Z are house-shopping in Paris and want Blue to learn to speak French. Um, is that the cutest news ever, or the cutest news ever? While we don't know if this is true, the Paris rumors have been around awhile, so that could be an indication that it's actually happening. Supposedly the city is symbolic to the couple and it's where they'd like to retire.

While it's super ambitious and adorable that they want Blue to speak French, I think it's also important to note she's still just a toddler. The kid should enjoy her life! Just like how Kim Kardashian is already thinkig about North West earning her own living (which I definitely applaud), I think maybe we should let their kids be kids before predicting their future life goals. Let's not stress them out before they're even out of diapers.

To focus on preserving Blue Ivy's youth and making the most of it, here's a list of reasons why Paris is the perfect place for Blue Ivy to learn French naturally and for the Carter family to live (as long as they make sure to still visit the U.S. a lot)!

She'd be like a real life Madeline

When I heard this news, I immediately pictured Blue in that classic blue coat and yellow hat. How precious would she be attending a French boarding school, just like Madeline? I'd totally read a children's book series about all of her adventures.

Paris could be her playground

Pshh, ordinary parks are overrated. She could scale the Eiffel Tower or check out some really awesome art at the Lourve. Pose for some photos in front of the Mona Lisa along with her parents. I bet that'd make a great Christmas card.

The best snack time

Oh, you had Goldfish as a childhood snack? How quaint. Meanwhile, Blue could be having baguettes for breakfast and chocolate crepes as a snack. Only the finest French foods for this kid.

Whether or not they actually move there for good, I'm sure they'll make plenty of visits. So I can't wait to see future Beyoncé Instagrams of Blue posing in Paris!

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