College Humor's Blow Up Boyfriend Idea Is Sadly (and Hilariously) On Point About Harassment Of Women

It's a common problem for women: those annoying times when a random guy tries to talk to you in a cafe or on a bus even though you are clearly not interested in a conversation. Fortunately, though, College Humor has a solution: the Blow Up Boyfriend! It's perfect — an inflatable boyfriend you can deploy at any time to make any guy bugging you instantly back off. Because after all, everyone knows that the only thing guys respect is other guys... or something.

At least, that's the premise behind this video. When all else fails, simply mention you have a boyfriend, and those pesky suitors will instantly retreat. Or, avoid confrontation altogether and bring this "blow up boyfriend" as a stand in! No talking necessary.

Funny as it seems, it's also sadly on point. When it comes to receiving unwanted attention from men, most women have gotten used to things like cat calls, or guys trying to chat them up even though they are clearly working/reading/wearing headphones/doing anything else that screams "Not interested!" We've gotten used to it, but that doesn't mean we enjoy it. And contrary to popular belief, it is not a compliment, no matter how it's meant. It is, at best, annoying, and at worst downright terrifying.

But maybe the most frustrating part about all of this is the fact that those same creepy guys who won't take a hint from you, the person they are talking to, that their advances are not wanted, will back off in a heartbeat if you mention "my boyfriend." If said boyfriend materializes, some will even apologize to him. As though he was the one who was wronged. As opposed to, you know, the person who just spent five minutes listening to someone blather on about their idea for the next great American novel.

But unfortunately, the boyfriend defense is still the most reliable in these sorts of situations. And if you still want it without the hassle of also having to get a boyfriend, there's always the inflatable option.