Sarah Hyland's Style Post Break-Up Is Seriously Aging (And Shrinking!) Her

Did anyone know that Sarah Hyland is about to celebrate a birthday next month? And that apparently, she's 23-going-on-85. Hyland attended the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 launch this weekend, and her outfit aged her about six decades. But this isn't a fluke — the Modern Family star was photographed in New York out and about over the past couple of weeks in several age-altering ensembles (think long and loose trousers — not the cool harem pant kind— and collared shirts with zero peeking visibility for skin) , begging me to ask — what the heck is going on?

Now I know she just went through a tumultuous break-up with her ex Matt Prokop, and we all handle break-ups differently. I mean, T-Swift went pop and started wearing crop-tops exclusively, so a drastic image change is not out of the equation, but Hyland is just way too cute to bypass her 20's and skip into old age. And that isn't the only problem here. The TV star is petite at 5'2" and practically drowning in these clothes. When you're not exactly tall, wearing extremely oversized, loose fitting garments shrinks you even more, when the goal is to try to magnify your frame as much as you can.

Though she still kept it classic and elegant, Hyland looked much better on the same trip when she stepped out in cream separates.

The crop top to nip in her waist and a little bit of skin showing gave her timeless look a hint of fun, kept it age appropriate, and helped her look a bit taller, too.

Sarah — we love you. Please undo some buttons and roll up your trouser hems and bring back the 23-year-old we know and love. I mean, if you really need a new image, you could always try a bob!

Images: Getty Images (2); LaPausePeople/Twitter, Hollywood_com/Twitter