Snow Queen Costumes That Are Icy, But Not 'Frozen'

Do you want a Halloween costume that'll make you look fab and also require insisting "No, I'm not Elsa" a couple dozen times on Friday night? Elizabeth Mitchell has been stealing scenes this season on Once Upon a Time as the Snow Queen that doesn't hang out with a talking snowman. Were you as delighted as I was when this Lost vet was cast on OUAT? This creepy villainess did not disappoint either. She has a mysterious past, a point of view about magic that we have not yet seen on the show, and an even more mysterious purpose. All while wearing outfits so impressive, you probably want to copy them in your own life. So skip Frozen fever and dress as the OUAT Snow Queen this Halloween. Her look is classic, and whatever you pull together can easily be used again for a winter holiday party. Oh yeah, I'm all about buying stuff for costumes that you can use again in your regular life.

You also have to remember to speak softly and remain serene no matter what happens to you (within reason). Tilt your head in mock confusion and wait a beat before you answer any questions. Mitchell is particularly scary that way. She's calm and elf-like, the opposite of Elsa's fear and Regina's rage. Once you've got the mannerisms down, here's what you should wear.

Lacy Dress

Lace Ivory Dress, $46, LuLu's

Since floor-length, full-sleeved dresses may not be your style, I wanted to capture the essence of that icy gown without going all out. For that, you need lots of lace. I like how this dress from Lulu's online has an homage to the Queen Anne neckline which Mitchell often sports. That model even has the same quizzical, sinnister look that the Snow Queen has. Spooky!

Cheaper Option

Halter Top, $5, H&M

If you are short on time or cash, this halter top from H&M and a white skirt (maybe a maxi to balance it out) will do just fine. Forever 21 also has a lot of white lacy options right now.

Snowflake Necklace

Snowflake Necklace, $23, Bling Jewelry

When I'm looking for Halloween jewelry, I almost always brave the youth and pop into a Claire's. It's cheap and they almost always have what I'm looking for. You can also get snowflake bobby pins while you're there (see below for additional hair suggestions). Alternatively, most craft stores should already have their holiday wares out. You could get a plastic snowflake pendant to match whatever dress or top you end up with.

Frosty Updo

If you have long enough hair, Youtube is a great resource for updo tutorials. I chose a knotted one that reminds me of the Snow Queen — just be sure to leave two pieces out in front! Personally, I am a firm believer that you don't need to change your hair color for a costume to be recognized. However, you can also get a wig if you'd like, or temporarily spray or chalk your locks.

Final Touch

Compact Mirror, $14, MAC

Before you go out, make sure you have a compact mirror like this one from Mac Cosmetics. Gaze into it while whispering your wish for a family that loves you.

Storybrooke Look

Of course, if you want to go a bit more obscure, you can always dress as Sarah Fisher, the Snow Queen's Storybrooke alias who was apparently once Emma Swan's foster mother. Grab some fabric paint to turn a white apron into your "Any Given Sundae" uniform and throw it over a casual work outfit. All you need now is a messy ponytail and some frozen treats of your own to hand out.

Images: Jack Rowand/ABC; chris-III/Tumblr; Lulu's; H&M; Claire's; Mac