Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett's H&M Holiday Campaign Ads Are Just As Adorable As We'd Hoped

That adorbable, unexpected, and insanely talented odd couple Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett are fronting the H&M Holiday 2014 campaign. While Gaga x Tony Bennett for H&M might be slightly overshadowed by the Alexander Wang for H&M collab, which drops next week, the Cheek to Cheek duo, are utterly and completely amazing in their own H&M ads. Despite being from two completely different generations, they go together like Carrie Bradshaw's feet and a pair of Manolos. They're both true to their unique and individual styles in their first two promo images.

Gaga is simultaneously typical Gaga and not very Gaga-like, wearing a chunky, cream-colored knit sweater. Mother Monster once again ditched/forgot/chose-to-go-without pants, instead opting for black fishnets. The most shocking element of her ensemble? Get ready to take some deep breaths, Little Monsters, since Gaga donned simple black heels! What?! For Gaga, that's like wearing flats, since she usually doesn't go under six inches with her statement, neckbreaker platforms. Mommy Monster also channels her onetime duet partner Cher with a massive wig of black curls.

Overall, Gaga's look is a bit toned down but it has to be. It's H&M, which sells discount basics with a bit of fashion forward edge, not suits made of meat.

Gaga has been rocking jazz-inspired ensembles while promoting Cheek to Cheek, so her look falls in line. As for Mr. Bennett? He's a class act in a black tux with a textured bow tie and a red handkerchief. Could he be any cuter?

You get a better look at Gaga's intense smoky eye makeup here. This look may be a bit extreme for a typical H&M shopper but for Gaga? It's kind of subdued.

But what's really striking is the physical chemistry and affection that is visible and evident between Gaga and Tony in these pics.

Clearly, they are fully fond of one another and that intangible leaps out of the photo. It's non-sexual, as both are committed to others, but there is some real love between these two artists. It's hard not to crush on these two.