She's Donating Proceeds to NYC Public Schools

This week is all about Taylor Swift and the release of her album, 1989. So, why not talk about Swift some more, especially when it has to do with giving back to those in need. On Tuesday's airing of The View, Swift revealed that her new single "Welcome to New York" isn't just a song that she's going to perform for fun. The jam is going to benefit those in public schools. That's right, all of the proceeds will go directly to New York City public schools.

Now that Swift is a NYC resident, and was recently dubbed the Big Apple's global welcome ambassador, it only makes sense she would give back to the city who is welcoming her with open arms. Obviously, Swift's new album and her "Welcome to New York" single will do really well, because, well, it's Taylor Swift. There's been so much buzz about her album, that I can only imagine how much money she'll end up donating to the schools.

As she told the ladies of The View, "It’s selling really, really well, which is good, because I’m donating all of my proceeds to New York City public schools."

Let's give Swift a round of applause for this good deed. It's also nice to know that every time you sing and dance along to the single you helped out public education!