Unexpected Hair Crush: Richard Chai's New York Fashion Week Spring 2014 Runway Hat Hair

Richard Chai's show Thursday morning may have focused on his flowing, colorful designs for Spring/Summer 2014, but the models' hair was on point for right about now (we're currently living in the fall of 2013, in case all of this forward-thinking fashion has messed up your internal timeline). The straight, center-parted, tucked-behind-the-ear locks would work perfectly beneath a timeless (and timely) fall trend: the cozy hat.

Any hat-wearer knows that when donning a chapeau, your hairstyle must work with you, not against you. This is no time for pompadours or topknots. No, you want simple hair that won't frizz up when you pull off that beanie — and Richard Chai has given us just that.

1. Give yourself a sharp center part. If you don't have a comb, lightly run a pen or pencil through your hair. You want a part that's crisp, clean, and perfectly straight. (Wet hair? Dry hair? You can start with either.)

2. Smooth down your hair. If your hair is thicker, you can get away with a drop of hair gel. If it's thinner or prone to clumping, use a dab of shine serum. Slick down the hair around your center part and the strands around your face. Tuck hair neatly behind each ear.

3. Keep the ends neat. Richard Chai's models had long hair that was sliced neatly to one length — looks like layers are still out. If your ends are particularly dry and messy, work in a little leave-in conditioner, a drop of argan or olive oil, or maybe even a dab of hand cream.

You're all set. Pull on that cute hat and hit the streets. Hat on, hat off — your hairdo will work with you.

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Images: @tom_van_dorpe, @bryanareynolds via Instagram