How Will Kalinda Leave 'The Good Wife'? She's Not An Easy Character To Write Out

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Fans of CBS's The Good Wife, one of the best (if not the best) dramas on network television, were dealt a serious blow two weeks ago when it was suddenly announced that co-star Archie Panjabi, who has portrays series standby and Lockhart/Gardner investigator Kalinda Sharma, would be leaving The Good Wife at the end of Season 6. Granted, this is actually good news for the actress, since she's leaving so she can star in her own unnamed drama pilot produced by 20th Century Fox TV — but that does little to assuage viewers who have fallen in love with the sexy-but-mysterious woman and her always-stylish boots.

This is also the second time in two seasons that Wife's showrunners, Robert & Michelle King, have had to deal with a major cast member exiting the show. In a memorable arc halfway through Season 5, they wrote out Josh Charles' character by mowing Will Gardner down in a shocking courtroom shooting. Will Kalinda's end be similarly violent? Or will we have more time to prepare for her departure, like how Shonda Rhimes gradually paved the road for Cristina's exit at the end of Season 10 of Grey's Anatomy ?

Here are a few ideas on how the Kings will write out Kalinda. Will it be one of these options? Or something we never see coming?

Image: Justin Stephens/CBS

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