13 Of Our Favorite Halloween Costumes

Halloween is about many things: candy, parties, scary movies, and, of course, the costumes. So once again, we bring you our favorite costumes from around the Internet to brighten up your post-Halloween melancholy (or your post Halloween hangover). After all, it won't be Halloween again for another 364 days. So we have to soak up as much of it as we can.

Fortunately for all of us, we are children of the Internet age. While our parents might have had to content themselves with whatever costumes they happened to see in person — plus I guess whatever weird, blurry, Polaroids they might have snapped of their friends' outfits — we have the whole Internet available, with its treasure trove of outfits from across the country.

And sure, this means that every year we are inundated with an unfortunate number of offensive Halloween costumes, from ISIS fighters to "sexy" Ebola containment suits to a Ray Rice costumes complete with blackface and a battered Janay Rice doll in tow. But fortunately, it also means we get to see the side of Halloween that's creative without being horrible. Because there are lots of crafty people out there that manage to put together original costume ideas that won't offend people, and here in the digital age, their creativity can be celebrated.

So without further ado, our favorite TK costumes from the Internet this year!

The Shrug

What can we say, it's just so good. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Two People In One

Apparently this costumer's husband refused to do a couple's costume with her, so she decided to make the couple her costume instead.


When Beyoncé dropped her visual album last December, she not only blew our minds but gave us all about a dozen possible Halloween looks. But the best I've seen is from fashion blogger Gabi Fresh recreating Queen B's look in "Blow."

Sports Caster

If you've always wanted to be on TV but haven't quite managed it, why not be in the TV instead?


Give them candy or they'll tell you you must construct additional pylons.

Downton Abby

Anyone can dress up as characters from Downton Abby but dressing up as Downton Abby itself is a lot more work. Check out the work that went into making this masterpiece here.


If this isn't enough to scare you witless, I don't know what is. *Shudder*

Little Shop of Horrors

The family that costumes together, stays together — or possibly gets eaten by the member who chose to dress up as the flesh eating plant. This family's Little Shop of Horrors costume is just awesome.

Stock Photo

In what has to be the most genius last minute costume idea I've seen, this woman just attached to iStockPhoto watermark to herself. Instant costume!


Who says pets can't have the best costume? In fact, I don't think I've seen a better meme costume all Halloween. Very wow, much impressive. Twitter user ScarletRegina pretty much won Halloween with this amazing pet costume.

Gamer Gate

Anyone familiar with Gamer Gate has heard this refrain over and over again; no matter how many times you point out evidence of the blatant misogyny at the center of the online movement, Gamer Gate-ers will insist it's "about ethics in gaming journalism" to the point it seems like they think that's what everything is about. Everything. Including, perhaps, Halloween costumes.

The Wrecking Ball

Miley and her wrecking ball continue to dominate the Internet. Keep swinging, wrecking ball, keep swinging.

Will Ferrell

In what's probably the best group costume, this gang of girlfriends went as various iconic characters played by Will Ferrell, from Elf to Anchorman to The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. Much like their Jim Carrey costumes last year, it's great because it's not only an awesome group costume, but you don't all have to be standing next to each other for the costume to make sense. Well done ladies!

Now I guess it's time for us all to start brainstorming for next year...

Images: @TaylorLorenz/Twitter; @gabifresh/Twitter; @FootballFanCast/Twitter; @FajrinMustika/Twitter; Deconstructress Designs/Facebook; @CannibalKisses/Twitter;; @scarletregina/Twitter; @egg_dogg/Twitter; @AnjiePhalange/Twitter