Bad Girl RiRi is Back on Instagram

by Loretta Donelan

Well, well, well — it's about time. Rihanna is back on Instagram, everyone. In case you weren't aware of her absence, she got in a feud with Instagram for censoring some pictures a few months ago. She posted a cover photo in which she was topless, which the social media site quickly took down as a violation of their nudity policy. She fought back by posting the pictures on Twitter, and then posting on Instagram about the censoring. She later left Instagram in protest.

But she seems to be over it now, since she's been posting a bunch since Saturday night. Her first pic, a weird angle of her face, featured the caption "Hellurrr #badgalback." Her Instagram appears to be the same as it was, with the references to the censoring still in place. Though she continued to post a lot of pictures to her Twitter, it's nice that she's back on the throne as Queen of Instagram, offering a glimpse into a life that seems almost unreal. So far, she's chosen to show off her sense of humor, rather than her breasts. Here's to lots more crazy outfits, weird puns, and wild photo shoots.

Here's her first picture:

A cartoon version of the Instagram/Rihanna relationship:

Making fun of us:

And another cartoon:

Welcome back, RiRi, we missed you!