Nick's 'Grimm' Powers Might Be His Only Hope

NBC's Grimm just isn't really Grimm without Nick Burkhardt and his powers. Don't get me wrong, I love (and I mean seriously love, almost to the point of obsessive) Trubel as the lone Grimm, but I'm afraid Nick sans powers is very, very, very, very bad. Seriously, when are those special Wesen-viewing abilities going to return? Last Friday's episode showed the aftermath of Adalind's spell that transformed Nick into a full-fledged human, and as we saw, the two have this crazy, scary, magical connection. Well, it looks like this link is going to spell trouble, and I think the only cure is more cowbell... I mean Nick's powers.

First, I have no idea what this special connection means, except that David Giuntoli himself said it's not good. As he said on a call with reporters, "Adalind and Nick are now connected in some magical, horrible, way. I don't know if I can say why. I certainly can't say how this all ends." Basically, they're linked in a "very profound and mysterious way," and "something goes down in order to reverse a spell that she has put on [Nick] that is just crazy. And it affects Juliette and [Nick] in a very intense way." See? I told you this whole entire mess created by Adalind is dangerous. Not only can Nick and Adalind see what the other is seeing, but they also go temporarily blind and grimace in pain (below).

The actress who plays Adalind, Claire Coffee, hinted to TVLine about what's ahead for Adalind and Nick's connection and said quite ominously, "It links them in a way that’s going to be explosive come Episode 8. It resolves itself in quite a treacherous way and it has massive implications for a couple of the characters."

OK. Who else is freaking out a little bit? This sounds terrible. Some (ahem...Juliette) might think Nick is better as a non-Grimm, but you have to admit that besides being able to see weird creatures and being hunted by the Royals, Nick's powers are a life saver. He can protect himself, his family, and his friends with his abilities. If he was still a Grimm, he wouldn't be going through any of this and his magical brain could most likely protect him from such a travesty.

Nick's supernatural ways could probably fight off other magic, hence why his powers need to return. Now, as Giuntoli and Coffee both mentioned above, it seems like this connection will be reversed (I assume Renard's mother the Hexenbiest will help out in this area), and it won't be pleasant. Since it's a reversal, I also imagine it will replenish his Grimmness, but, of course without consequences. As they say, magic always comes with a price.

Images: Scott Green/NBC; istanforatodie/Tumblr