Whoa! It's a Girl for This 'Blossom' Actress!

Whoa! It's a girl for this Blossom actress. Jenna von Oy welcomed another baby girl into the world turning her family of three into a beautiful bunch of four. She's definitely no longer the Six LeMeure we all remember, but she surely grew up into what seems like a loving mother and wife with husband Brad Bratcher. As People reports, her new daughter is named Marlowe Monroe, and, apparently, von Oy received some help from her oldest daughter, Gray Audrey, when selecting the name, which must be a new trend in Hollywood — just ask Milla Jovovich.

Anyways, as von Oy told the entertainment outlet, "We began mulling over names at the beginning of my pregnancy, and came up with a few we were fond of. When we mentioned them aloud in front of Gray, Marlowe was the name that resonated most with her. She started referring to her future baby sister by name from that point on, and it stuck!"

The actress also shared that Gray is already loving her new baby sister: "Gray was wonderfully sweet and affectionate when she met Marlowe for the first time, immediately asking to sit and hold her. She gently caressed Marlowe’s cheek, smiled down at her and carefully gave her a kiss. It was an incredibly moving moment to witness."

Now, von Oy plans to focus on her newly expanded family, in addition to writing her mommy book, Situation Momedy, which is said to be released in 2015.

Congrats to the family on their exciting addition!