Two Guys Cover All Of Taylor Swift's "1989" With 4-Minute Medley And It's Flawless – VIDEO

As a self-proclaimed Swiftie and frequent social media stalker of Taylor Swift, I was feeling pretty smug last week when I had all the words to her latest album 1989 memorized within twenty-four hours of its release, but I have been upstaged so hard that there is not even any room for me in the metaphorical theater. Not only did these guys memorize all of her new lyrics, but comedic YouTube duo Superfruit has released a medley of all of the songs in 1989, and everybody needs to get on their level. They have accomplished more in this past week than I could aspire to in a lifetime of Swift stalkery (okay, six years, I digress).

I am astounded by their vocal prowess both as a rabid Swift fan and a former choral nerd. Who is giving them their pitches?? Every time they transition songs there is just the slightest pause that feels like someone trying to catch their balance on a wire over a canyon, and then they grab the next pitch out of NOWHERE and launch into the next song so flawlessly that I think my eardrums just achieved nirvana. I was already fangirling enough listening to Swift's version all week, but hearing the songs completely reinterpreted with two male voices and some of the most satisfying harmonies you will ever hear gives the whole album a a different feel. Petition to have them cover all of the songs in full and release their own version of it now.

This, of course, is far from the first YouTube sensation that 1989 has inspired since Swift started leaking out the songs in August. Artists from Meghan Trainor to Kelly Clarkson have released covers, and even President Obama can't help but get swept up in the hype, as evidenced by his awe-inspiring "rendition" of "Shake It Off" on The Tonight Show. The video of Superfruit performing the medley is below, but I'm warning you right now: watch it alone, unless you don't mind everyone around you watching as you achieve eargasm.


Image: YouTube