Is Britney Spears Single? She Says She's Seeing Someone "Special"

I might not follow every little thing that Britney Spears does, but she's one of the celebrities who makes me feel an emotional twinge. Likely because ...Baby One More Time was one of the first albums I ever bought with my own money, and all her music videos throughout my formative years were the apex of awesome. So I'm, like, really happy that, apparently, Britney Spears is in a relationship with Charlie Ebersol, even though I knew not a thing about him until I read this very detailed post. (Props to Daniela Cabrera for doing the heavy research to quell my curiosity.) Reports came out on Wednesday that the two were seeing each other, and Spears, seemingly, confirmed the news telling Extra that same day, "Yes, there is a special someone... It's very new."

Look, B. Spears has been through more than her fair share of crap. I still get major feels when I think about her 2008 documentary Britney: For the Record. I am a pretty emotional person on the whole, but my attachment to celebrities is slim to none. But Brit is different. And after the ugly end to the relationship she had this year with David Lucado after a video was released of him allegedly cheating on her (she dumped him in a ballin' move), I'm smiling like my 9-year-old self was when I got that foldout pink poster from ...Baby One More Time. (Still can't handle those platforms.)

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So, apparently, Charlie Ebersol is a producer, the son of Dick Ebersol (the co-creator of Saturday Night Live), and all around seems like a genuinely normal dude. Which is a great improvement on the string of lowlifes Britney has been linked to in the past — although had she not been with Kevin Federline, the world would not know the joys of "Popo Zao". Spears has entered a sort of untouchable state, I feel, where though she has done some radical stuff in the past, everyone seems to generally want her to be OK. After all, who hasn't said "If Britney can make it through 2007, I can make it through this day?"

She's been through some gross dudes and has been harassed incessantly in the past by the paparazzi. But she's always bounced back, and now she has a residency in Vegas, a day dedicated to her honor, and a cute BF. I wanna get on her level of being able to push through life's crap to get back to the good. Charlie Ebersol best not treat her badly.

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