Blake Lively & Martha Stewart’s Feud Is in Question & Motorcycles Are Involved

Whoa. Here's a lot of information to get in 30 seconds. I just learned that Blake Lively is friends and neighbors with Martha Stewart (Shocked? Me too!), and, perhaps even more surprisingly, that the former Gossip Girl actress gives the household and lifestyle lady permission to "creep" on her very handsome husband Ryan Reynolds. This past Saturday, Lively attended Stewart's American Made Summit, where the duo opened up a lot especially about Lively's hubby.

Not only did Stewart reveal that she knows how to ride motorcycles (OK, that's something I need to see, stat), but she also wants to ride with Reynolds. As Lively said, "When we met, Martha was like, 'I know how to ride motorcycles. I’ll ride with you, Ryan'' That’s the only woman who can creep up on my man that I’d be okay with."

Yo, Stewart, get up on that. She's one lucky lady, right?

When the duo weren't chatting Reynolds, they talked about hanging out and being besties. What?! This kind of goes against everything we thought we knew about their seemingly tenuous and somewhat tense relationship, but I guess that is in the past. Per Stewart, “I love it when Blake comes over to my house, and, uh, you haven’t been over in a while." Lively added, "I know, you have to invite me!”

Seriously, I had no idea these two were friends. Their friendship will probably come in handy when Lively and Reynolds give birth. Stewart could totally babysit, teach their child how to cook, and make some of the most adorable do-it-yourself crafts. Also, if Reynolds ever needs some fresh air, he and Stewart can ride motorcycles together. I feel like I'm living in some weird dream world.