Kendall & Kylie Jenner Will Present At the American Music Awards & Hopefully Kendall Remembers Her Contacts

Monday, E! Online reported Keeping Up with the Kardashians stars Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner will be presenters at the 2014 American Music Awards. This is, as a Kardashian sister would say, so mayj (or is it "mayje"? I know "mage" means "magician," but it might also be short for "major"? Eh, I'll stick with "mayj."). The sisters, who were recently named two of TIME 's Most Influential Teens, did a bang up job hosting the MuchMusic Video Awards back in June, and I'm sure they'll bring the awards show fire yet again on Nov. 23. Well, as long as Kendall doesn't forget her contacts and pull a Billboard Music Awards, that is.

You got this, Ken and Ky. I can feel it. If you're nervous, that's totally OK. Good, even. My former speech and debate coach used to say nervousness and excitement are basically the same thing, it just depends on how you process it. I think he also used to say that you can turn that nervous energy into excited energy...or something? I don't know, I think I messed that up. Forget it.

Anyway, just be sure to pop in your contacts before you hit the stage, Ken. And then you and Ky go right ahead show that teleprompter who is boss. You might even want to send the teleprompter a note beforehand. It doesn't have to be much. Keep it simple. Just say something along the lines of:

Image: gifmethat/tumblr