Your Blank Space Experience Location Guide

by Christine DiStasio

Are you just about ready to drop your phone into a body of water, "Black Space"-style? You can admit it, no one will judge you. On Tuesday morning, Taylor Swift launched her Blank Space Experience app and I've been feverishly playing it since because first, I love "Blank Space" and second, I like torturing myself with impossible tasks. No game of I Spy could've prepared me for the Blank Space Experience iPhone game and yet, here we are. Now that you've undoubtably figured out the answer to the question, "What is Taylor Swift's iPhone app?" and downloaded it, here's where you can find the Blank Space Experience collectibles.

It took a team of two Bustle writers and one editor to finally get to the bottom of all of the Blank Space Experience collectibles locations. And, let me tell you, it wasn't easy — blood, sweat, and lots of tears went into this process. (OK, no Bustle employees were harmed in this effort, but it was still really hard.) But, we did it, everyone! We prevailed, even if we've all gone partially blind from staring at our phones for so long trying to find the tiniest pieces of T Swift memorabilia within the game. Was it worth it? Absolutely.

And now, we're happy to share our knowledge with all of you so that you, too, can feel like the ultimate T Swift. So, here's a location and "where to tap" guide to Swift's Blank Space Experience app. Happy hunting, my fellow super-fans.

The Foyer — 1 Collectible

Where to Tap:

  1. To find the final collectible in the game, you're going to tap on the radio on the lefthand side of the room and follow these steps from the OfficialTaylorNation Tumblr to unlock collectible #41. It's a little confusing, but don't be worried.

Dining Room — 13 Collectibles

Where to Tap:

  1. Go for the red curtain behind where Swift's latest victim is sitting at the table (opposite wall of this view), tap it and it'll reveal three portraits of her former lovers.
  2. Tap all three portraits individually to see the backs, that's three collectibles right there.
  3. Tap the fireplace to collect a tabloid about Swift's love life.
  4. Tap the armchair to the right of the fireplace to collect it and see "Olivia" scratched into the back.
  5. Tap just about the fireplace to collect the carving that includes a "TS."
  6. Tap between that above mentioned carving and the ceiling to collect another carving with cat-angels.
  7. Tap the gold grate on the left side of the room to reveal an organ.
  8. When the picture of Swift's lover appears on the chair to the left of the fireplace, tap it to collect.
  9. Tap the back table of the right side to collect opera glasses.
  10. Tap the glasses to see a video of Swift and her O'Pry (the guy playing her BF) by a tree.
  11. Tap again when the song gets into its "perfect storm" portion to see another video of Swift dropping his cellphone in the pool.

Painting Room — 6 Collectibles

Where to Tap:

  1. Tap the table next to the easel to collect Swift's paints.
  2. Tap the easel after the portrait is gone to collect a photo of Swift's cat, Olivia Benson.
  3. Tap the ornate grandfather clock on the wall opposite the easel.
  4. Tap the table on the lefthand side of the room to collect the record player and photo.
  5. Tap the chair on the back wall of the room to collect a little blue box.
  6. Tap the lefthand corner of the ceiling to collect a piece that reads "1989."

Bedroom — 3 Collectibles

Where to Tap:

  1. Tap the journal next to the small clock to collect it.
  2. Tap it again to open it and collect photos of Swift's cats, Olivia Benson and Meredith.
  3. Tap the TV and portrait of Swift with a man on the righthand side of the room to collect them.

Living Room — 16 Collectibles

Where to Tap:

  1. Tap the closed piano on the opposite side of the room from this view to collect it and some lyrics.
  2. Tap the grand piano to collect the keys (which you can also play, woo).
  3. Tap the journal next to the white flowers BEFORE Swift enters the room for the fight to collect a hangman drawing.
  4. Tap the journal again AFTER Swift and O'Pry fight to collect another drawing.
  5. Tap the window with sunlight coming through it to collect a view of a man cutting white flowers.
  6. Tap the map in the back, left corner of the room to collect Swift's map.
  7. Tap each photo on the map individually to collect them (7 in all).
  8. When Swift grabs the flowers to throw, tap around on the table to collect photos of her and O'Pry and a sheet of "Blank Space" lyrics.
  9. While the "perfect storms" fight is happening, collect O'Pry's cellphone with the text from "She" on the armchair on the left.
  10. Tap the table on the lefthand side of the room to collect the tiny radio on it.

Downstairs Hall — 2 Collectibles

Where to Tap:

  1. Tap the table on the lefthand side of the room to collect the red roses.
  2. Tap the back, right table to collect a photo of young T Swift.

Images: TaylorSwiftVevo/YouTube