Rihanna Posts Snippet of Song On Instagram & It Might Be A Hint To Fans — VIDEO

Tuesday afternoon, Rihanna posted an incredibly important video on Instagram. If you choose to watch the video on mute, you’ll probably be like, “OK, I'm just looking at a poorly-lit room and a pair of white sneakers. I don’t get what the freakout is all about.” I recommend that you try watching again. Only this time, unmute the video. And then get back to me. [Waits 10 seconds.] Did you listen? Yes? Well, then. You must understand my freakout now: THAT'S PROBABLY PART OF A NEW RIRI SONG. BRING ON THE RIHANNA REIGN!

A siren blares, a minimalistic beat begins, and Rihanna sings about sh*t not being promised or certain. Yes, the snippet sounds great. Yes, I want to hear more. (And no, I most certainly will not stop dancing at my desk while I listen to it. ’Tis the power of RiRi.) Can't wait to hear the rest of it (assuming it's the beginning of a song from her highly-anticipated eighth album).

...Wait. That might be too obvious an assumption. Maybe that's what she wants us to think. Maybe the teaser is just a tease-teaser. Maybe it's not part of a real song, but a message to all of us?

Listen to the lyrics again. [Waits 10 seconds.] What if that's RiRi's way of saying “Any rumors/tips/inside scoops you've read about my next album? None of it is promised. None of it is certain. Don't bank on any of it. Head back to the drawing board. You know diddly squat about R8."

I mean, she did tweet the following before sharing the video:

Here's the video (FYI, there is some NSFW language):

...Eh, as fun as it is to veer into conspiracy theory territory, I'm going to stick with my initial assumption. It's probably part of an awesome song that'll appear on her next album.


Image: aroosaansarxo/tumblr