You Can Probably Afford Her Latest for Mulberry

Great news for budget conscious fashion lovers! Cara Delevingne's new Mulberry offerings are all adorable — and all priced under $500. A $390 pouch might not be Forever 21 cheap, but it is certainly a bargain for the British It bag purveyor (plus it won't disintegrate in less than six months). Cara D. might be taking a break from modeling, but I have a feeling she'll be influencing our wardrobes for a very long time.

Delevingne's new mini collection for the brand features an array of iPad sleeves and iPhone cases, pouches, small purses, passport holders, and wallets in a gorgeously understated camouflage print adorned with a lion head rivet. Think of these pieces as the stylish, less expensive little sisters to the Cara bag she designed for the label earlier this year. Who wouldn't want a bit Cara style under the Christmas tree this holiday season?

"I designed my Cara bag to look elegant but I also wanted the collection to be functional and practical when travelling," the Paper Towns actress told Vogue. "The accessories do exactly the same. Make-up pouches, passport holders, phone covers; they are all so useful when you are rushing around and they keep your handbag orderly! This is a beautiful range that complements the main collection and I have also personalised it."

Mulberry has been in a bit of sales slump during recent months, and recently released a lower-priced line called 'Tessie' that wasn't exactly inexpensive enough to boost sales. Perhaps Cara D. really is all that Mulberry needs to boost business? She's certainly popular enough to get people buying. I know I'd kill to have one of these bags hanging in my closet!

In these hard economic times, I think some other brands could benefit from adding a few less expensive options to their buzziest collections. These three collections, specifically.

1. Sophia Webster x J. Crew

This dream come true of a holiday shoe collection does not come cheap, especially these bad boys, which will run you almost $700. Can we find a way to make these cost less than $200? Please and thank you.

2. Joyrich x Richie Rich

Do I want a varsity jacket with Richie Rich cartoons decorating the sleeves? Of course I do, I'm only human. Do I want to spend almost $300 on said jacket? Absolutely not.

3. Louis Vuitton Celebrate Monogram

Between Karl Lagerfeld's LV punching bag and Rei Kawakubo's surrealist purse, the Celebrate Monogram collection is full of expensive, useless items that I could possibly convinced to buy if they were, you know, remotely affordable.

Images: Mulberry(2), J. Crew, Joyrich, Louis Vuitton