Was Jay Z at Solange's Wedding? I Know Why You’re Asking

When I heard that Solange got married over the weekend, I have to be honest and say that my first thought was not even about her. The first question I asked was: Did Jay Z attend Solange's wedding? And I'm sure you know why.

At the beginning of this year, Jay Z and Beyoncé were seemingly living out a picture perfect life. They were dominating the music charts, killing it on red carpets, and parenting Blue Ivy, all pretty much scandal free. It was the strangest thing. The two of them were getting more attention than nearly any other celebrity couple and it was essentially all positive. How was that even possible? This was all until TMZ released video footage of Solange fighting Jay Z in an elevator following this year's Met Gala in May. The couple was hit with a huge scandal, and it followed them for the rest of 2014. Why would Solange come at her brother-in-law? Did it have something to do with Beyoncé? Was she defending her sister? Was there trouble in paradise? Everyone wanted to know the story behind the story. Every news site was talking about the incident and showing the video. Saturday Night Live even did a sketch about it. This is exactly why Jay Z came to mind when I heard about Solange's wedding.

As for the event itself, there were pre-wedding festivities on Friday night with a screening of the Diana Ross movie Mahogany which Beyoncé attended, but Jay Z did not. This made people wonder whether Jay Z was going to be present for the wedding itself the next day. Don't worry. The whole family was present including little Blue Ivy.

When I started to Google search Solange's wedding, most of the headlines that popped up had the words "Jay Z" and "Beyoncé" in them so at least I know I'm not the only one who prioritized those two over the wedding itself. Well, Jay Z was there and he wore all white. Not to upstage the bride, but to go along with the thematic dress code.

As for the headlines about the wedding though, Beyoncé and Jay Z may have upstaged Solange some. There are many stories about how affectionate and adorable the couple was at the wedding, and pictures showing them were smiling and holding hands. From the photos I saw, it really seemed like the two were having a wonderful time. Jay Z did not have a look on his face to indicate that his wife forced him to go to a family function.

So there you have it. No real gossip here. It looks like the golden couple is back on their throne, stealing attention from Solange like they did before.

And as a bonus, here's Jay and Bey dancing with sparklers! See, he enjoyed himself.