What is Nicki's Newest Video About?

Nicki Minaj shared a selection of behind-the-scenes shots from her latest project on Monday, and we can breathe a deep sigh of relief because there's no Nazi imagery. PHEW! Back on top, Nicki. Via her Instagram, Nicki Minaj teased the "Only" music video, and it's rife with all the things you'll find in a Nicki Minaj joint: Myx Moscato product placement, Young Money crew cameos, and extremely brief articles of clothing. I'm sure there's also a Beats Pill hidden in there somewhere, too, so first one to find it gets a Tootsie Roll.

From the looks of Minaj's Instagram, it would appear that the premise of this video is either "subway tunnel society," "underground club," or "restaurant supply storage space." While balancing atop an elevated concrete stage in a pair of spike-heeled platforms, Minaj wears a black body-stocking with a lace veil draped over her head that screams dystopian wedding. HOLD THE PHONE, maybe that's the concept? Nicki is the lord of a subterranean polyandrist society, and today she's wedding three grooms (Wayne, Drake, and Chris Brown) atop an altar of concrete. Instead of Sister Wives, the title of this reality show is obviously Brother Husbands. Queen Nicki flips the script once again without us even realizing it.

Really though, what's happening here? Only one way to find out, kids. Let's treat these pictures as a storyboard in hopes of applying reason to the gloriously unreasonable world of a Nicki Minaj video.

So, we've got a really gritty looking set, an old television, and a coterie of models in various stages of undress. Nicki is enjoying a moment of sincere happiness while wearing the anti-Solange jumpsuit.

They got this chair for free. It was sidewalk treasure.

Methinks these two are gearing up to renew their "Moment 4 Life" vows. Amirite??

How about that industrial kitchen shelving unit? Another found object, I presume. It really makes for a bang up way to display all that MYX Moscato. Weezy is loving it.

Wayne is either in the midst of a hype-heavy jumping fit or a bathroom break.

One thing's for sure, Drake isn't giving up his chair for anything.

Even if Nicki and Wayne are super tired from dancing and really need to take a break. WHY does this bar have no seats?

My best guess about what is actually happening here: apocalypse-themed club that serves only Myx Moscato. BRING IT ON!