Amber Wants to Have Blake's Baby

A couple Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants actresses are taking their bond to a whole new level. If you didn't know Blake Lively, Alexis Bledel, America Ferrera, and Amber Tamblyn are still pretty tight after their beloved friendship movies. Apparently, Lively and Tamblyn are so close, in fact, that Tamblyn wants to come in contact with Lively's uterus so she can birth her next child. Whoa. That's one way to show your strong friendship.

This past Sunday, Tamblyn opened up to Us Weekly, where she chatted about Lively, Ryan Reynolds, and their first child. She adores Lively and Reynolds, but she might even be a bit jealous of their exciting new adventure as parents. "I would love to have a child with Blake Lively. Absolutely," she said. "I mean I'm in line. I'll be the next one, I would be pummeling Ryan in the face to get [him] out of the way. So I can get to her uterus." Tamblyn and Martha Stewart might have something in common when it comes to obsession with this couple. After all, Stewart wants to "creep" on Reynolds. Watch your back, dude!

All jokes aside, Tamblyn had nothing but kind words to say about the duo. "They're going to be incredible. They're going to be really, really, really incredible. Blake's going to be more like the dad, and Ryan's going to be more like the mom. And that just means very emotional, and he's growing his hair out." Tamblyn sure makes it sound like these two are over the moon for their baby, just like Tamblyn is happy for her BFF, Lively.

It's so great to hear how close Lively and Tamblyn are. You never know how actors get along on set, but this interview proves that long-term friendships can stem from working relationships. Tamblyn told Us that she and Lively chat all the time: "I just got off the phone with Blake actually. We see each other all the time, all the time, more than I think you guys even know. To like an extreme amount, which I'm always very, very happy with."

Even if Tamblyn doesn't get to have a child with Lively, I'm pretty sure she's going to make one very cool aunt!