Who's Sexier: Gale or Thor?

I have news for you, People: You are doing nothing revolutionary by announcing that Chris Hemsworth is, in fact, the sexiest man alive. What are they going to tell us next, the sky is blue and the grass is green? These are all things we already know. Regardless of the fact that Hemsworth being sexy is totally old news, it's nice to see him getting some recognition for those good looks (and the Australian accent doesn't hurt, either). However, there's one thing People forgot to mention. Hemsworth has some competition, and it's in the form of his younger brother, Liam.

I have been deeply in love with Liam Hemsworth since the first time I saw The Last Song, and it's been downhill for me ever since. And after he took on the role of Gale in The Hunger Games — a role that should be way bigger, if you ask me — he only became more appealing. Gale is basically everything you could want in a guy, and it's kind of shameful that Katniss doesn't realize it. I understand, though. I, too, have allowed myself to become distracted by Josh Hutcherson from time to time.

And thinking about Liam's role in The Hunger Games opens up a totally new debate, one that needs to be had. Who is sexier, Thor or Gale? Let's examine the evidence, shall we?


Let me get this out in the open from the start: If this was an actual battle, Thor would win. After all, how do you expect some kid from District 12 to beat the god of thunder? Thor also has a lot of things that Gale doesn't — a cape, a hammer, armor, flowing blonde hair. He does have his own movie, too — Gale's name isn't even in the title of The Hunger Games, although if they wanted to give him his own film, I wouldn't be opposed. Thor would definitely be a better defender, he looks awesome shirtless, and he treats women well. These are three qualities I look for in any man.

Unfortunately, his goldilocks just aren't doing it for me — and I'm not too crazy about his personality, either. Thor is a bit too arrogant for my taste.


Gale might not actually be a god, but he is helping to start a revolution, so that counts for something, right? Also, my favorite thing about him is how he constantly puts Katniss's best interests and needs above his own, even when he obviously gets tired of her fawning all over Peeta one minute and then acting like she loves him the next. He understands her feelings are complicated and, most of the time, cuts her some slack. And I appreciate that about him. He's a total sweetheart, plus he has a better haircut.

As far as weaponry goes? I vastly prefer Gale's bow and arrow to Thor's clunky hammer (although it certainly gets the job done). I would let him catch my dinner anytime he wants.

I'm going to have to hand it to Gale — in the battle of sexy, he's definitely the winner. Thor, don't feel bad about coming in second. It was a close race, and I'm sure there are many people out there who would have crowned you the champion.

Images: Paramount, Lionsgate