17 Thanksgiving Songs About Food to Get You in the Mood for Seconds — LISTEN

Ah, Thanksgiving. That beautiful holiday in which we gather with our nearest and dearest, give thanks for our good fortunes and celebrate those with us... and fill ourselves to the brim with the best food here on our green Earth. It's not just about the nap-inducing turkey/tofurkey/turducken. Like Meghan Trainor is "All about that bass," I am all about those side dishes. Stuffing! Green bean casserole! Mashed potatoes! Gravy (yes, it is its own dish)! If you ask me, it's not Christmas, but Thanksgiving that's truly the most wonderful time of the year. There have been dozens of movies made in the glory of food — Chocolat, Julie & Julia, Ratatouille, and the sumptuous documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi just to name a few.

Filmmakers aren't the only artists who pay homage to all of the wondrous items in our fridges, freezers, and farms. Music, is after all, the food of love (at least according to Shakespeare, and who am I to argue with him?), so it's no surprise that many songs are about all of the many things that delight, intrigue, and shock our taste buds. Thanksgiving dinner is like a symphony. Each instrument coming together to create living poetry. And when the meal is over, and especially when the leftovers are gone, it feels like we need a requiem.

But no need for turkey-less years quite just yet! To get you hungry for Thanksgiving dinner, here are 17 of the very best songs about food.

Don McLean, "American Pie"

A true classic.

Jack Johnson, "Banana Pancakes"


Combining two of my favorite things: sleeping in and breakfast food.

Kelis, "Biscuits N Gravy"

Silvio Codogno on YouTube

The woman has an album named Food. I love her.

The Rolling Stones, "Brown Sugar"

circusmagazine on YouTube

On Thanksgiving, we all have mouths as big as Jagger.

Blondie, "Eat to the Beat"


A tried and true method for proper digestion!

Beastie Boys, "Egg Man"

hwangchan123 on YouTube

Full of flavor AND flava.

Franz Ferdinand, "Fresh Strawberries"

franzferdinandVEVO on YouTube

Preferrably in pie form.

ABBA, "Honey, Honey"

2Shaymcn on YouTube


James Brown "Mashed Potatoes"


This one is full of soul AND butter

The Kinks, "Maximum Consumption"

BerkeleyMews7 on YouTube

Oddly enough, that's also the title of my Thanksgiving memoir.

The Beatles, "Mean Mr. Mustard"

xrockxxandxxrollerxx on YouTube

Who invited that guy!?

The Presidents of the United States of America, "Peaches"

telstratouchfone on YouTube

A trip down one hit wonder memory lane.

Kate Nash, "Pumpkin Soup"

KateNashVEVO on YouTube

What's not to love?

UB40, "Red Red Wine"

UB40VEVO on YouTube


The B-52's, "Rock Lobster"

island50 on YouTube

Thanksgiving challenge: learn the dance from the video!

Talking Heads, "Stay Hungry"

FlyingDoctor1988 on YouTube

No problem there!

Bonus Track: The National, "Sailors in Your Mouth"

bluehawk232 on YouTube

A Thanksgiving gift, from me to you.