Damon & Elena Seem Done, So Is Bamon the New ‘TVD’ Couple?

So as it turns out, memories are pretty crucial when it comes to making a relationship work. (Go figure, right?) Well, truth be told, memories are just kinda helpful to have in general, but especially on a show like The Vampire Diaries, whose star character Elena can't remember that she loves Damon, aka the most gorgeous specimen known to humanity. Personally, I don't think I would necessarily need past memories to fall in love with this guy on the spot. (I have eyes, you know.) But I guess that's Elena's prerogative. The point is, though, that Damon and Elena appear to be broken up, possibly for good. (Noooo!!!!) And since Elena's already nabbed herself a new love interest, I'm starting to wonder if Julie Plec is in the process of setting us up for a Damon and Bonnie romance.

We've known for quite some time that a Bamon relationship was more than possible. So given that we pretty much know Bonnie and Kai will return to present day Mystic Falls at some point (otherwise why bother telling us that Kai is Jo's brother?), it stems to reason that Damon's relationship with Bonnie will continue to grow. The two of them grew pretty close during their time spent in 1994. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that Bonnie is now Damon's closest friend. I mean, as much as I love Damon and Alaric's bromance, I think being trapped in another dimension with someone trumps even the close connection you may share with your drinking buddy.

Right now their relationship seems pretty firmly in the friends zone. Sure, they shared a moment a few episodes back when Damon remarked how she probably wished she was with anyone else right now, to which she replied "not exactly" with a little twinkle in her eye. But other than that their dynamic has been more about connecting on a non-romantic level. After all, for the better part of four months they only had each other for company, and the shared the mutual goal of wanting to get back to their loved ones.

But that's the thing… Damon is now back with his loved ones and the most important person he wanted to see looks at him like he's a complete stranger. So now that he's decided to let her go, it may open his eyes to other possibilities, including Bonnie. And based on the look of relief on his face when he found her teddy bear in the graveyard, the path to a Bamon-filled world may have already begun.

Now I'm not saying that I'm actually for their relationship to head in this direction, though I'll admit Bonnie has proved to be pretty awesome this season. However, my Delena loyalties can't be so easily swayed. I'm simply stating that the possibility of this happening has reached an all-time high now that Damon is back to living the single life.

Naturally, there's still Jeremy to consider since clearly he still has feelings for Bonnie. But he's actually proved to be a real jerk this season, so I'm having a hard time rooting for that particular reunion. Bonnie rarely did anything when she became Jeremy's girlfriend, but now she's got spunk and sass and is outsmarting Kai at every turn. It's an exciting shift in her character and one that I think Damon is partially responsible for.

So yeah, they make a great team. And while I'd much prefer they continue to bond on a strictly friend-type level, I'm no fool. This is a CW show, after all, where every possible match-up is usually explored. And I'm pretty sure Bamon is next. I foresee a lot more pancake making in our future.

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