Why Steroline & 'TVD' Don't Mix: Caroline Deserves To Be Treated So Much Better

Right from Day 1 Elena has always been considered the main heroine of The Vampire Diaries. And given that she was the center of one of the best love triangles on the planet, I accepted her position without complaint. But in light of everything that’s happened so far this season, I have to be honest. In my eyes, Caroline Forbes is the true star of TVD . For starters, she’s currently one of the only characters actually making smart decisions, and let’s not forget about her little speech to Stefan during last week’s episode “Do You Remember The First Time?” It was the perfect response to the awful way he's been treating her lately, which got me thinking: should Steroline or any Caroline love interest happen on TVD ? Because as of right now, I’m not too sure anyone deserves her at this point.

In fact, it seems that no ‘shipping pair is safe on TVD these days, especially now that both Delena and Steroline pairings are currently at a standstill. So while many of us were looking forward to watching a Caroline and Stefan relationship blossom, now I’m starting to have some serious second thoughts. The way I see it, Caroline has been under-appreciated for far too long in both the romantic and friendship departments. So much so that I daresay no one is worthy of her anymore. But let's have a look at her options nonetheless.


Like I said, Stefan’s attitude toward everything and everyone this season has been extremely disappointing, especially in regards to Caroline. Not only did he just abandon her over the summer with no plans to ever return, but he didn’t even act sorry about it. Almost as if he felt he didn't do anything wrong. Then, when he did return, he expected to immediately be able to go back to the way things were. And after discovering that she’s been having romantic feelings for him (which, duh, Stefan), he counters with the most ridiculous response ever: why do you like me? Ugh, seriously, dude? For being a 166-year-old vampire he sure is acting pretty childish. And quite honestly, Caroline deserves better.


Then there's this guy who nabbed the prize for being the world’s worst boyfriend back in Season 5. I know that he wanted revenge on Klaus since he killed his mother and everything, but he took it all way too far. He chose vengeance over Caroline and made her suffer a great deal in the process. And if there’s one thing that’s truly heartbreaking on this show, it’s witnessing Caroline tears. How dare you, sir. How dare you.


True, Matt is still just as sweet as ever and Lord knows it’s hard to resist those baby blues, but these two haven’t had a flirty moment together in so long it just feels like perhaps their 'ship has sailed. Plus, the whole not being able to cross the Mystic Falls boarder without getting brutally murdered thing could become a hindrance. Or at the very least a major inconvenience. Besides, I’m not sure how much Matt’s going to want to associate with his vampire friends after Enzo pulled that little stunt with Tripp. (RIP) Speaking of which…


Right now Enzo feels like the most worthy candidate for Caroline, which is really saying something considering he’s probably the most dangerous of the bunch. He’s bold and daring and does what he has to in order to get things done. But he also has a soft spot for Miss Forbes, which makes him pretty endearing. Just look at how he came to her defense when he saw how upset Stefan had made her earlier this season. Like it or not, Enzo is the only one who’s treated Caroline with any real decency this season. Not to mention that Carolenzo has a pretty nice ring to it.

I mean, even her friendship with Elena has become extremely one-sided. All summer Caroline was trying to help her friend get over her grief of losing Damon. But did Elena ever ask Caroline how she was doing? Granted, that’s pretty much typical Elena behavior at this point, so I’m not sure why I found this surprising. But still, if she had just taken two seconds to realize Caroline was hurting as well, the two of them could’ve leaned on each other. Perhaps then Elena wouldn’t have felt compelled (pun intended) to erase her memories and we wouldn’t be in this Delena-less situation.

Of course, there’s one very obvious solution to this little problem…

It's official: Team Klaroline wins by a landslide. Now, who's up for a road trip?

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