New Beyonce Song "Ring Off" Could Reignite Those Jay Z Divorce Rumors — LISTEN

We're still four days away from the release of the Platinum Edition of BEYONC É (due out on Nov. 24), but a preview of Beyoncé’s new song, "Ring Off," has already hit the Internet. The track's emotionally charged lyrics could definitely reignite the pesky divorce rumors that plagued the 33-year-old star and her husband, Jay Z, earlier this year. On the 30-second "Ring Off" clip, Beyoncé sings about a woman who's trapped in an unfulfilling marriage. One day, fed up with her partner's lies, she finally musters up the courage to say goodbye:

Then you smile through your tears

In the mirror you would stare and say a prayer

Like, I wish he said I'm beautiful

I wish it didn't hurt at all

I don't know how I got here

I was once the one who had his heart

Until you had enough then you took that ring off

You took that ring off

So tired of the lies...

This past summer, there were rumblings online (and, really, everywhere) that Beyoncé and Jay Z were headed for a split. Obviously, that hasn't happened. In fact, at the end of the couple's HBO concert special that premiered in September, they had nothing but fond, loving words for one another. Go figure! Since then, the divorce rumors have died down considerably, but "Ring Off" absolutely has the potential to start 'em up again. Check out the snippet below.


As always, it's important to remember that all songs are not autobiographical. "Ring Off" might just tell an empowering, totally fictional story that Beyoncé was drawn to. Or, perhaps the song is about her parent's divorce. Could be! Unless Bey decides to share her inspiration with us at some point in the future, we'll never know for sure.

"Ring Off" is one of two entirely new songs featured on the BEYONCÉ re-release — the other being "7/11." Personally, I think "Ring Off" sounds more promising, but I'm looking forward to hearing both tracks in full next week!