11 Ways 'The Hunger Games' Franchise Is Exactly Like Thanksgiving

Can you feel that? That's the excitement of millions of fans anxiously waiting for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 to premiere. The anticipation is almost palpable, and you're probably already writing up a list of excuses as to why you won't be able to go into work tomorrow. Personally, I'm thinking of going with the traditional "I'm sick" route. It's a new ailment called Tribute-itus. I hear it supposedly clears up roughly two hours and three minutes from when it starts, which just so happens to correlate with how long Mockingjay runs. So weird! (Recommended medication includes popcorn with extra butter and a box of Snow Caps, in case you were wondering.)

Speaking of delicious food, there's a particular holiday just around the corner that specializes in such matters. And that's when it hit me: The Hunger Games and Thanksgiving actually have a lot in common. I know, I know — I sound like a crazy person. I mean, what could a book franchise centered around an arena full of children attempting to kill one another have anything to do with a beloved national holiday? But believe me, there are more similarities between them than you'd think. Take for instance…

Both Revel in the Indulgence of Food

On Thanksgiving, we all eat like we live in the Capitol.

Both Occur On The Same Day Each Year

And may be the odds be ever in your flavor. I mean, favor.

And Center Around a Sporting Event

However, one is certainly more competitive than the other. (Football never looked so tame.)

A Bird Takes Top Priority

But while one is a symbol of hope, the other is a symbol of naps.

Both Dabble in Color Schemes

Fire colors do make for the perfect fall foliage effect.

A Guy With a White Beard Starts Showing Up Everywhere

Though, if you ask me, this one's got a one-way ticket to the naughty list.

Both Involve a Large Group of People

All coming together for one very specific purpose.

Who Are Willing To Fight For What They Want

I can't speak for everyone, but I'm totally willing to fight to the death for the last turkey leg at the dinner table. That stuff is delicious.

Broken Bones Are a Common Occurrence

Don't forget to make a wish!

Sharing Food Is Not Only Expected, But Encouraged

Side effects may include ingesting large quantities of tryptophan or poison. Happy Holidays!

Lots & Lots of Carving

Of either food or, in this guy's case, flesh.

Come on, admit it. You'll never think of Thanksgiving the same way again. You're welcome.

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