Suki's Not A Brunette Anymore

Fall is officially the season for fickle hair. Seriously. Celebrities' hair changes as often as the weather, which I guess is fitting, given this unpredictable Fall climate. From Lauren Conrad's multiple haircuts to Beyoncé cutting bangs and getting rid of them a week later, it seems like celebrities cannot make up their minds when it comes to their hair. And now Suki Waterhouse has gone back to blonde, joining the rest of the wishy-washy beauty bunch and ditching her recent brunette dye job.

The British model stepped out in Munich for a Burberry dinner, wearing a long-sleeved flowing gown with a plunging neckline and chunky heels, but it was her hair that made the evening's style statement. Styled in loose waves with a center part, Waterhouse was back to her signature blonde. I'm kind of bummed; I had so wanted to see her on a runway with that edgy brunette hair, and she only had it a couple of months. So why so many abrupt changes? Perhaps it's for roles, or just boredom (I for one constantly feel like I need to change my hair), or maybe it's just that dilemma that comes from looking pretty darn gorgeous in just about every style. It must be difficult to pick one to stick with when you make everything look flawless.

Images: Getty Images; TMagazine/Twitter