Will Beth Kill Officer Lerner on 'The Walking Dead'? After The Way Dawn Treats Carol, She'd Better

We're finally going back to the hospital on The Walking Dead. After last week's sleepy independent film "Carol and Daryl Are Friends," all the pieces are coming together for an assault on Grady Memorial Hospital in this Sunday's episode, "Crossed." I am pumped about this. We haven't seen Rick or Michonne in weeks. I can't wait for Rick Grimes to meet Dawn Lerner. They are such good dramatic foils, both officers of the law but on completely different paths in this new world. After "Slabtown" gave us such a distasteful look at this world of utilitarian indentured servitude, it will be immensely satisfying to see our heroes bust down the doors. Though, I'm hoping that Beth is an active member in this rescue mission. Miss Greene is anything but a damsel in distress. So is Beth going to kill Dawn on TWD ?

She already tried to kill the creepy cop once — or was Beth going to take out Dr. Edwards right before Carol showed up? Remember that? She was lurking in the hallway with scissors, and then Carol's unconscious arrival gave her pause. Either way, that girl has got time to kill and several grudges to burn. Not only do I think Beth has reason to kill Dawn, I think it's pretty likely that she'll be the one. Their fight is too personal for Officer Lerner to go out any other way.


In the sneak peek during The Talking Dead last week (above), Beth protests Dawn and her subordinate's decision to take Carol off of machine support in order to preserve resources. She asked the other officer about his DVD player. Were those resources more important than Carol's life? Dawn sends her coworker off, telling him to turn off the machines, and then blames Beth for what she sees as Carol's inevitable death. Say what? I interpret that as Dawn thinking she needs to punish anyone who questions her authority.

Authority is a big theme this season. Dawn, as a police officer, is a chilling embodiment of that. She's not so much hungry for power as twisted by it. "We're all gonna die and you let this happen for nothing," Beth snarled at her. That shook Dawn. She's not as tough as her slaps. That insecurity will be her downfall, mark my words.

Plus, once Carol regains consciousness (and I'm fairly confident she will), I bet she'll remember that she got hit by the car that brought her into the hospital. They are the reason that she's barely alive. If and when Beth finds this out, it will not sit well with her sense of justice. Especially if Dawn is trying to pull this weird passive aggressive manipulation tactic by blaming Beth if Carol dies.

It looks like Daryl and Noah will be mounting an attack on the hospital, presumably with at least Rick and Michonne in tow. That said, how awesome would it be if Beth is the one to take Dawn out? My fingers are crossed. Because the episode is titled "Crossed" — get it?

Image: Gene Page/AMC