Who Threatened Joe About Investigating Nora's Murder on 'The Flash'? Harrison Wells Must Be Involved

In last week's episode of The Flash , Detective Joe West got a threatening message. From who? We're still not sure. A bolt of yellow with a dash of red sparks flew through his house and instructed West to stop investigating Nora Allen's murder. Jesse L. Martin's character had re-opened the case in light of all the metahumans in Central City that make little Barry's childhood testimony seem less like fantasy. He questioned Harrison Wells about metahumans extensively, and you could practically taste how delighted Wells was to throw him off by reminding him that the first metahuman activity was recorded after the particle accelerator explosion, and Nora Allen was long dead by that point. Clearly the situation is more complicated than that, but Wells just smirked his way through the half-truths. Since not many other people know he is even investigating this, I think it's safe to say that Harrison Wells threatened Detective West that night.

That would be unfortunate, since both of these characters are father figures to Barry Allen and should be able to get along. I think Wells is causing confusion to save his own neck, or the neck of Nora's killer. Here's why I think Harrison was either in the yellow suit himself, or the one who gave the killer the tipoff about Detective West's investigation.

We're going to need to get a handwriting analyst here. Also, rude! What did Iris do to you? Well, other than give The Flash a name and expose him and other metahuman activity to the general public. She's innocent! Clearly Iris is important to both Barry and Joe, but must we use pawns here? I would hope that eventually superheroes and super villains can learn to pick their own fights.

The person in West's living room looked like the same lightning bolt that killed Nora Allen, but looks can be deceiving. What if the image was distorted, like Barry does with his face and voice? All I know is, it was the timing of the threat that made me think that Doctor Wells had something to do with it. It's a little convoluted, but stay with me. The threat occurred the second after West crossed "connected to Harrison Wells" off of his list. One might think that was a clue that Harrison is innocent after all and he's getting closer to the answer. I think the timing meant that Wells absolutely is connected. Often a movie or television show will ask a question, and then cut to the answer without stating it plainly. It was a warning to the audience as well as West to not discount Harrison Wells as a potential suspect.

Plus, we've seen Harrison reach for a knife before when he killed Simon Stagg. This may not mean that Wells is Professor Zoom, or the Reverse-Flash, or the one who killed Nora Allen at all. However, the connection can no longer be denied. West is clearly onto something. You might even say he's zooming in on Nora Allen's killer. Barry has been investigating this in his lab since his guest star appearance on Arrow and nobody ever threatened him, but he never named Wells as a suspect.

Images: Diyah Pera/The CW; itberice/Tumblr